Life Changing

The largest spiritual Congress of Europe’s largest spiritual Congress in Europe, a Congress “between healing and health” – so should the spirit event 2008 in Oberhausen to Organizer Jens Behrmann. He has promised not too much: speakers, exhibitors and the Congress team of volunteers have resulted for many visitors, but also for those involved even this mammoth event to the success, positive way of life-changing experience. Instead of pure “brain food” was their own, direct experience, and because the flow of visitors to 10 days distributed, enough time for one-on-one conversations, individual questions and help of any kind remained. What ban is on DVD read, as usual you find the camera team of the Conference Organizer, the DVD home page of the “blueseven media”. And what opposes the recording, everyone can experience at one of the next conferences by spirit event (, in September in Munich and Basel. Stephan Petrovich