Limeira Recycling

It knows if, in accordance with the canal that the main places of final disposal of the garbage are the lixes the open sky about 76% of the garbage produced in the Country – and only 1% of the garbage pass for treatment that involves selective collection, recycling and incineration. The remain is made use in sanitary aterros or controlled. The known lixes are the way most precarious of disposal of the garbage, therefore they generate significant impact to the environment. The impact is generated in result of the time of degradation of the majority of the residues deposited in these places. For one better understanding of the situation can be exemplificar from the time of degradation of determined residues: the plastic cups delay of 200 the 450 years, the aluminum cans, tampinhas of bottle, stacks and batteries lead of 100 the 500 years, the glass bottles or plastic delays 5 centuries more than, beyond occurring freticos sheet contamination with the production of the chorume. It is from this perspective that this article is structuralized, in the search of actions that become possible the recycling, these actions estriam divided in two primordial functions and that they become the process of viable recycling, in particular Selective Garbage Coleta, fulfilling its operational function and the Ambient Education, carrying through its pedagogical function. In the attempt to diminish, exactly that promptly, the threats of exhaustion of the natural resources not-you renewed, through the reaproveitamento of the materials you recycle. It is that this article appears, whose main objective is to indicate the main steps for the implantation of a system of selective collection in the residential condominium Olindo de Luca in the city of Limeira/SP, as tool of ambient education. As attempt to corroborate the efficiency of these two functions, evaluating the operationalization of the solutions proposals.