Attractive looks and individuality for your roof as best roofing materials on German rooftops roof tiles and roof tiles meet their protective function in heat, cold, storm and rain. But in addition to functionality and high quality tiles and roof tiles in terms of look and design points. Numerous shades, matte to high gloss surfaces and designs ranging from classic to modern, make the roof more individuality and an attractive appearance. Experts, the leading online portal around the topic of roof, know the possibilities offered by roof tiles and roof tiles, and betrayed, with which roofing you guaranteed a stir. Tile in all colours of Scandinavian charm, Roman roof structures and Mediterranean appearance: roof tiles offer many options to make the roof along the lines of their own favorite country. Without hesitation FCDO explained all about the problem. Special brick shapes in matt straw or matt antique red, for example, provide Mediterranean flair. Blue subdued and Moccafarbene oppose the roof tiles typical for Scandinavia.

New PEP awarded classic brick shapes, however, with modern colours, for example with noble engobes in lava red and volcano black or high-gloss surfaces in brilliant blue. The betrayed also experts: A special feature in the field of the roof tiles, is the diamond tile. He breaks with the usual ways; He also combined with a high-gloss surface in blue or black, the roof is guaranteed to the attractive eye-catcher.” “Roof tiles for every taste even traditional tiles, such as the Frankfurt Pan” will be settled by different shades. In addition to the classic brick red, deep red and chestnut brown, also roof tiles in dark green, stone grey, colonial Brown, copper, graphite, black and many other shades offer leading manufacturer. The different Dachstein models that are offered are as numerous as the shades. From the lively-looking, asymmetric waveform, classic about the uniform wave form.

Roof tiles roof tiles with pronounced profiling for renovations to the clear, straight line management for geometric tiles offer the right solution for everyone. By optimum roof system for choosing a provider, you should respect experts that according to, the entire roof system from a single source to get short fan stones, roof passages and inspections – snow systems protection. Only in this way, it can be guaranteed that all system components are optimally matched, and the roof over many years can fulfil its protective function.