Moral Laws Human

RIGHT THE HOLY GHOST AND REPRODUCTIVE RIGHT are not few the not-governmental entities of social assistance and organizations that assist women and mothers whom they desire to create its children far from the social vulnerability and of the trend of the feminine sort the pregnancy not planned that results in abortions forced for the lack of an educational base, economic and social solids. The incidence of abortions provoked mainly for women in reproductive age, that already has at least a son, took these representative entities of the feminine sort in Brazil on the religious movements, to react to this situation, concitando authorities of the three to be able of the Republic if to engage in a well coordinate action of effective aid the feminine public, preventing abortions. ABOUT WHAT ONE IS? In any democracy of the world where the free religious manifestation is protected by law, it is as soon as the things function. The defense of the reproductive rights with responsibility and intercession of the superior espiritualidade disarticulates absurd pressures for the descriminalizao of the abortion. UNDERSTANDING THE LIFE SINCE ITS ORIGIN, SPIRITUAL.

Before any another thing, she is necessary, it is urgent, it is inadivel to understand that the life is perpetual, the death does not exist, and that in the World Superior Spiritual it has bigger civilizations and most prepared that the terrenas, made use to help the human sort in its more pressing necessities. This Superior Espiritualidade is conducted by Laws that also influence the existence human being on the Land, because the human beings and the beings spirituals are linked.