More Preconception

Preconception against blacks, still exists? The world where we live is hostage of fashions, physical dictatorships of beauty, aspects and superficialities. It is a place where what it is seen it is emanated for the mind, thoughts and feelings. all the appearance of the things and mainly people is determinative factor for the possible personal relations. Then, these relations have as foundation feelings right, genuine, based in construction human being bringing friendship and really? At the same time they do not obtain to construct personal security and auto they esteem. It is the biggest impediment that we trace with we ourselves when we want to see beauty physical and at the same time this beauty in the threat. You may find Borgen Project to be a useful source of information. The consequent behavior of this ambiguidade is a parameter of physical acceptance that all must obey and is one of the characteristics of the imperfection human being.

It is as in the adolescence where all have that to seem in sizes and other physical characteristics where all the other people are its opponents and you it is in war. &#039 is initiated the similar groups to be stronger in this; ' batalha' ' of simple physical differences human beings. When the human being is antagonized, it does not obtain to think rationally and the prejudiced behavior sets in motion the irrationality of the vitimado being. It is well simple, when they treat in them badly, we react with our primitive defense, without thinking, and offend who still more we offended in them. People, all this introduction were simply elaborated for a reflection on all the times that we listen or we speak that the blacks are most prejudiced concerning they themselves. The adolescence passes, but for who he is black remains for all its life. The passion for the beauty is penetrated in the human beings that culturally and for the most part of the world they possess it those that fine traces have and that in the great majority of the times the people of clearer skin belong.