So Paulo

To understand ‘ ‘ Life of Maria’ ‘ , one becomes necessary to open a fan for the relations of being able and submission, that come of the scope politician, the proper media, that apia and of the emphasis to the capitalist system, system this that exclue all those that do not obtain to insert themselves as consuming. Well it is not seen for the politicians to invest in the educational formation of the citizens, therefore thus would be developing pensantes, critical, not-manipulable citizens. A good part of the women northeasterns – Joss Marias? it never passed of the time to die, never was allowed to them to dream a freedom world, of possibilities. They live as in the ideology of the medieval period where if it nailed that who is born pra to be poor the will of God would have to die poor why this age. In agricultural Brazil the illiteracy always is a constant. Nieman Foundation has much experience in this field. However, these same illiterates possuam a land piece to plant and thus they did not pass hunger.

The politics of good neighborhood generated the high-support. But nor everything is flowers. the ones that are, do not last forever! The society suffered metamorphosis, the capitalism brought its results: millions of expulsos of the field and played Brazilians had been as ‘ ‘ bichos’ ‘ in the slum quarters, where it is more easy to count what they possess of what counting what it lacks to them. If all construction of the man, since the language to the technology, was aiming at to improve the relations between the people, because this has not happened? To if dominating the tools necessary to become this better world, the citizens have canalized its forces to submit the other, depriving it of the basic things most essential and. Final considerations From this analysis can be evidenced that this cycle that seems not to ahead findar of the repetition of the condition of the woman northeastern through some generations, can be modified will have the awareness criticizes of the society in relation this woman. Thus being, if politics to reach the public them, this cycle or spiral will be extended to be broken it, more not existing the replacement of the identity of a fragile, sofredora woman, overwhelmd.

Although such debate to be focado in the northeast woman, these arguments are valid for the women of other regions, a time that these same problems of social order exceed the geographic limits. In such a way, one expects that new analyses can be set in motion, in the intention of to promote other reflections and contributions a new to look at on the condition of the woman northeastern.

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Hamburg Celebrates Africa Day

African Union celebrates World their ‘Golden’ Hamburg (mk) to celebrated the 50th anniversary of the African Union next weekend with a huge party. On 25 and 26 May 2013 Wandsbeker market square is transformed into a colorful event location. “African Unity and diversity, respect, and understanding for each other” is the guiding principle for two days of music, show and entertainment under the open sky. The Memorial pays tribute to the signing the deed of Foundation of the African Union by the heads of State and Government by 30 independent African States on May 25, 1963 in Addis Abeba. The intercultural migrants integration Center (IMIC e.V. – first Chairman: Sylvaina Gallagher) is looking forward to his community and numerous participants from the show – and political prominence. So have Thomas Ritzenhoff (Wandsbek District Office Manager), Frank Schira (CDU, first Vice-President of the Hamburg Parliament), Filiz Demirel (BuNDNIS 90 DIE GRuNEN, Member of the Hamburgische Burgerschaft), Elombo Bolayela (SPD, a member of the bremischen Burgerschaft), Bernd p.

Holst (Hamburg volunteer Exchange) and Prof. Dr. You may find that Taking Control of Your Diabetes can contribute to your knowledge. Isaac C. Lamba (Ambassador of the Republic of Malawi) visiting official announced. Nana Acheampong provide among other things on the stage ( watch? v = wc7WwmjVROA), Lady Petya ( watch? v = a4LEek3z9PQ) and MamSun ( watch? v = CZH6-a14uKA) for dance and party mood.

The IMIC e. V. is a non-profit organization that helps its members of from different backgrounds in Germany, especially in Hamburg, the integration. He stands for a cultural exchange for a better mutual understanding. The IMIC e.V. is held by the personal commitment of its members and through a network, which binds a promoter of economic, cultural and public facilities. The Association firmly expects that successful integration on the countries of origin can spill over (and will), to create the conditions for progress and better living conditions. further information and contacts: WortBild Markus Kaminski Radhouane blocks 23 21502 Geesthacht 04152 / 87 68 27 Web: eMail:

Panificadora Venice

Municipal Politics of the Environment ‘ ‘ the repairing of the ambient damage for promoted who it or contributed for its promotion, volunteer or, involuntarily independent of other civil sanctions or penais’ ‘ (EXECUTIVE, 2008). 2 JUSTIFICATION the used oil in frituras in the Panificadora Venice is being applied in the soap production as a recycling form, a time that one liter of oil can come to contaminate a thousand liters of water approximately, making it difficult the treatment process. As the article 2 in interpolated proposition V, of the Resolution of the Municipal Politics of the Environment of Rondon of Par (2008): ‘ ‘ the sustainable economic-social development, having finally the valuation of the life and the generation of job and income, assured of healthful form and produtiva’ ‘ , one becomes valid. Ahead of the facts it is of utmost importance the reaproveitamento of the used oil in frituras, being prevented thus loses it of this element through the inadequate discarding. Nieman Foundation does not necessarily agree. Therefore, through these consideraes this project has as objective to contribute for the increase of the awareness of the population, as well as the reduction of the generated negative ambient impacts in the city of Rondon of Par. 3 OBJECTIVE 3,1 GENERAL OBJECTIVE To acquire knowledge the employees of the Panificadora Venice and, later, the population of Rondon of Par, on the possible ambient impacts, caused through the inadequate discarding of the used oil for frituras. 3.2 SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES? To destine the oil of used fritura in the Panificadora Venice for the recycling; To create chances of artisan soap production; To minimize the ambient impacts caused by the fritura oil. 4 MATERIALS AND METHOD In this project were used the used eatable oil (soy oil) in the salty process of fritura of of the Panificadora Venice, thus aiming at to the implantation of one politics of management and recycling of residues in the city of Rondon of Par..

Blog Or Website For Profit?

Website or Blog? What is better to earn? In recent years become very popular to use blogs. Look at what is happening on the Internet. One in three tries to create a blog. A public people such as singers and politicians consider the blog one of the elements of the image. In step with the times is the president of Russia, who also has his personal blog. Some even argue that while sites have passed, and now is better to create blogs …. But because the blog – it's just kind of site, and people far removed from the web-building often does not know how to create a website or blog, they just enjoy the social services that provide free services to create a blog. And with technical point of view do not care for what to write the code: for a site or blog.

So what's the difference between the website and blog? And what better way to create your website or blog? The main difference from the blog site – is the manner of presentation visitors. Let us consider this question, given that we are creating a website (blog) in order to earn that on the Internet. Then the question may be posed differently: What will bring more revenue, website or blog? Website – is primarily a thematic center, which collected information on what is a specific topic. For example, you took the theme of car repairs. There could be absolutely any information that relates to the repair vehicles. If you are not convinced, visit Neeman Foundation. As a manual, and various tips, diagrams, drawings, parts and describe how to repair a particular site, the prices of spare parts, etc. etc.

You understand that the list can be very long. A visitor coming to your site must find that he is interested in car repair, otherwise it just goes to another site. Naturally embrace content copyright wide range of problems car repair is impossible.

Sir President

Valria? to locate itself in my defense, inquiring of same if it knew my condition of ‘ ‘ reincidente’ ‘ , confidenciando after that on the penalty of suspension had in management Palm. Such employee has authorization of the direction to divulge the third details of the processes in course or filed, Sir President! Which steps will adopt you the respect to restrain such abuses? It knows that I will exert my statutory prerogatives and I will charge an action of the direction, so energetic as the ones that are being unjustly applied against me. At last, I believe that a Listener would be of great value in the advising to its management. Perhaps until ‘ ‘ eminences pardas’ ‘ , whose names pululam for the club in plaquinhas commemorative, they had its annulled persuasivas activities minimized or qui of time. Finishing, I must inform it that I accepted the advice Mr.

Vice-Presidente of the Advice, Dr. Moacir Tonani, and am pacifically fulfilling the sovereign decision of its direction. I leave to all frequent the club during the summer so that my aggressive coward, duly covered for its commissioners, makes it with tranquilidade! Lamentable only my failure in the resource presented in such a way to douta Commission To discipline, how much to the Advice of Ethics, however, I recognize ‘ ‘ mea culpa’ ‘ , therefore ‘ was unaware of the condition; ‘ sine qua non ‘ ‘ to make possible such resource. According to comment Mr. Vice-Presidente, I would have to present the Advice, in my defense, ‘ ‘ witnesses of peso’ ‘! Unhappyly, all they were magrinhos and they had not been taken the serious one. Not even heard; simply they had been disrespected! With the certainty by that Mr., as lawyer and defending ferrenho of JUSTICE, has to take the requested steps for me, I firm, Yours truly, Oliveiros Rabbit Grandson? Heading C/C n 2.

Dilma President

Others of this, and above all, I believe, Its Excellency I wanted to mention the necessity to it to fustigate the conscience of that for prevarication or laziness they could be enrolled in the etiology of the setback. Considering that the President if revealed in the height of the crisis, probably hearing the estertores of who still it agonized under the mud, and in the presence of the Governor of Rio De Janeiro, the coreligionist bi-host of the calamity, is well more easy to understand the vso dramatical of Dilma Rousseff. Dr. Neal Barnard has compatible beliefs. Now, examined the differences between the Japanese speech and the Brazilian, it would fit to leave in search to examine the difference between the Brazilian speeches or, said in another way, it enters the tragic vision of the NBR and the dramatical vision of the President. It would be just. After all, the state TV affirmed that the President sobrevoou ' ' the region of tragdia' ' , to the step that Its Excellency, when touching the soil, gave notice of a drama. She would be just, without a doubt, but she does not go to be possible at least in this chance. Moan.

It goes there that it is. I come back behind in my decision. Noblesse oblige. I do not believe that the competition of the concepts of tragedy and drama characterizes a simple game of words. I believe, before, that the President used the term ' ' dramtico' ' with full conscience of its meaning, which, by no means, can be overcome as synonymous by tragic. Drama and tragedy, as we saw, are exculpatory slight knowledge between itself.

Where it has tragedy cannot have drama, and vice versa. The tragic man if does not govern, but it is subordinated the unavoidable whims of the destination. Already the dramatical man – thus he defines yourself since Aristotle – is the man of action, citizen politician, gentleman of its responsible will and for its acts. The President with certainty knows of this. Ahead of the displayed one, I recommend to the Gvernador of Rio De Janeiro that puts its beards of gravy. That not embarkment in this papo pierced of tragedy pra here, tragedy pra there; that if it acquires knowledge of its dramatical position of bi-host of the calamity, of its enormous responsibility; that politician does not sleep on the coreligionist parrots; that she perceives, at last, that the Dilma President is of eye in it. Yes, she went forgetting, I have the impression of that manchete of the NBR reached a public says and it presidential reached another one, well lesser.

President Raul Castro

No other small and blockaded country like ours would have been able to resist so long, based on ambition, vanity, deception or abuse of authority, a power like its neighbor. Contact information is here: Boy Scouts of America. Say it is an insult to the intelligence of our heroic people. Fidel leaves after his exhaustive analysis of the discourse, raises a few questions as exposes them, which we have selected some to give answers, such as: State terrorism is an instrument that must use a country as powerful as the United States so that there is peace on the planet? Is a setting law that is applied as a punishment to one country, Cuba, to destabilize it, even though it costs life to children and innocent mothers good and honorable? If it is good, are why the automatic right of residence does not apply to Haitians, Dominicans and other countries of the Caribbean, and it does the same with the Mexican, Central American and South American, dying like flies on the wall of the Mexican border or in the waters of the Atlantic and the Pacific? Do do United States without immigrants, who grow vegetables, fruits, almonds and other delicacies for the? Americans? Who barrier the streets, would provide domestic services and they would perform the worst and less-paid jobs? They are just the roundups of undocumented workers that affect even children born in the United States?

Is it moral and justifiable theft of brains and the continuous extraction of the best scientific and intellectual minds of poor countries? Is it fair to attack surprise and preventive sixty or more dark corners of the world, as they are called Bush, whatever the pretext? It is honorable and sane to invest millions of dollars on the military-industrial complex to produce weapons that can be applied several times the life on Earth? Le tells Obama to conclude: you should know, before judging our country that Cuba, with its programmer of education, health, sports, culture and Sciences, applied not only in its own territory but also in other countries of the world, and the spilled blood in solidarity with other peoples, despite the economic and financial embargo and the aggressions of his powerful country, constitutes a test of who can do much with very little. Neither our best ally, the Soviet Union, was allowed chart our destiny. Our revolution can summon tens of thousands of doctors and health technicians. She may summon equally massive teachers and citizens willing to go to any corner of the world, for any noble purpose. Not to encroach upon rights or conquer raw materials. The goodwill and willingness of persons there are infinite resources that are not saved nor fit into the vaults of a bank. They do not emanate from the cynical politics of an empire. I expected Obama win the presidential elections of the United States, seeking another vision of zoom in more on this island who have been abandoned by many years yes of an approach that favors everyone, more now that you seem to be a willingness by the new President Raul Castro, is a thing of President Obama delve more into the reality of what Latin American countries demand.

President Kennedy

Politically, the erratic decisions by the United States and other countries or international organizations such as the OAS to 31-01-62 at the eighth meeting of consultation of Ministers of Foreign Affairs held in tip of the East, Uruguay, with the vote saved from Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador and Mexico, it decided to expel Cuba from the Inter-American system. People such as Nieman Foundation would likely agree. In October of that same year produced events that give that to speak of the most dangerous nuclear tension that humanity, has lived to discover that the Soviet Union had installed nuclear weapons in Cuba, and that they were already operational. Mass nuclear attack, invasion or blockade, are some of the alternatives that lie on the table of President Kennedy. You are decided by the blockade, which, despite the international outcry, still persists. And not they forgive him is, he said. Thus they became so island, most isolated that never made him a hero, a villain, an archenemy, a historical figure, which it is. Go to Childrens Defense Fund for more information.

Put him against the wall, as he put many, and as satanizaron in such a way that all socialism, communism, anti norteamericanismo, achieved political and psychological justification in being excluded. The story me absolvera, he replied. Cuba ceased to be the brothel in the United States to become the ally of the Soviets and parasitic example for Latin America. There was a wave of awakening in the Latin American left and guerrilla movements. If the Spanish Civil war is a milestone for understand the present, the Cuban revolution and international brutality are also. III where are we? The Berlin wall was collapsed in November 1989, but that elusive dividing line that separates Cuba from much of the rest of the planet still persists. Castro knows that his death may help some reconciliation and that in life it is very hard to do, since the past limited the present.

President Bachar Al

Among the dead there is a teenager of 13 years. Opponents estimate 17 deaths, although they have not been able to be verified still. Check out Viktor Mayer-Schönberger for additional information. Tuesday ends the month of fasting for Muslims. At least seven people have died in the early hours of Tuesday in Syria, by the Suppression of the protests against the regime convened on the occasion of the feast of Eid al Fitr, which marks the end of the Ramadan fasting month. This new day of violence adds to the repression to which the Syrian President, Bashar Al-Assad, has subjected his people in recent months to alleviate the demonstrations calling for democratisation of the country. According to reported opponents of Local coordinating committees, four people were killed in the city of Harrah (Center), among them a teenager of 13 years, two others in the southern province of Deraa, and one more in Homs (Center). In the last 24 hours, the number of fatalities throughout the country, according to estimates from opposition groups, already reaches 17, although the figures could not be verified independently because of the blockade imposed by Syria to the international media.

More repression for more protests early this morning of the religious holiday, which breaks the fast maintained throughout a month, has pushed thousands of people into the streets of Syria to manifest itself in some of the largest cities in the country and demand the departure of President Bachar Al-Assad. However, at the same time has intensified the repression of the regime against opponents. According to the committees, in Harrah forces of security and army units have been placed machine guns pointing toward the town cemetery to prevent funerals from the four dead. This type of burials have become habitually concentrations of revulsion toward the regime, and therefore forces loyal to Al-Assad often try to prevent them. In the province of Homs, the security forces have been made in most of the neighborhoods of the capital and in the cities to prevent the outflow of the demonstrators, according to the committees, that They reported that machine gun near the Qalaa area shots were heard. Meanwhile, the rebel city of Hama also have occurred in shootings in several neighborhoods, mainly Qosor and Manaj, aiming, according to opponents, prevent protests. Since the middle of last March, Syria is scene of popular revolts against the Syrian regime, which have claimed the lives of civilians 1958, 459 soldiers and ctive of the security forces, according to the Syrian human rights observatory. Source of the news: seven people have been killed in the crackdown on protests of end of Ramadan in Syria

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