Subsistence Economy

But the strength of society is needed to improve and expand public services. Basic income in their joint share of benefits, which continue to occur and increasingly concentrated in fewer hands. To be the result of a social good, as is the scientific knowledge, a portion of these gains have been reversed in those who stay away from the economic process by the application of such progress. But, as we have said, to be a right of citizenship, extend universally to all persons. We say a party, because it is not correct to raise is it aborts as anti-capitalist by definition, when such wealth is it precisely that in theory would be combat. We would be killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

It is a modification, which is transforming the current civilization and enables an evolution of society. The changes will be made depending on cultural, historical and personal factors, but from reality and the dialectic in every day. So we will have taken a significant step in the history of mankind. The function of labour is increasingly more sophisticated in certain collective. Far from pursuing subsistence focuses to accumulate assets. It works to have two cars, two houses and rent an apartment in summer, and maintain a standard of living full of lavish expenses. We are at the other end of the subsistence economy. However we continue focusing the economy at work, which is the foundation of survival. Once technological progress guarantees the overall survival of society employment should apply as a concrete measure instead of a generic standard way that progress is taken into account in the analysis of the political economy and applied it with new guidelines that are routed towards a new social concept. Happens so spontaneous, but is not seen by lack of a set of ideas that materialize it and strengthen it.


Los girasoles replaced roses traditional giving a touch of very special homes and events today. d%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard Center for Discovery has similar goals. When it comes to decorating spaces with sunflowers, trends give us two keys: putting the flowers that let them show all their beauty and always respect your need for water and light. Multiple functions of flowers this means that the rules ran: no rule indicates today, the shape or the variety of flowers to be used in certain areas of the House, on the other hand give us permission to use the imagination and to test our tasteful.Sunflowers have been given a special touch to spaces, these flowers with their beautiful overtones give a special touch of youth and energy, also remain very well in any space since its colors are spectacular and contrasts very well with the furniture and other pieces of decoration. Decorate with flowers according to experts in interior decoration, interior design current opinions say that natural materials are fashionable, sunflowers with rustic details, with trunks, plants and natural fibers, which become a perfect complement to the sunflowers, may be used to decorate but are also present in bases or in vases. Although for many the rusted, old foundations and coppery are synonymous with picnic and even Bohemian atmosphere, they are currently very well complemented by fresh flowers and allow you to create highly original compositions.

Some add-ons to decorate with sunflowers with these oxidized bases is paraffin and objects of daily use are converted into an excellent alternative and they have gained importance in the field of decoration. Van GoghLa sunflowers beauty of sunflowers has embodied them in one of his most famous paintings made in 1888 sunflowers stood early to paint the flowers because when you gave them the Sun they withered. In Los girasoles makes a great study of color. It must be taken into account that the yellow range is one of the most complicated in the history of painting. The theme of flowers in Van Gogh is frequent. This is one of the best-known works of the author. It is known that I painted flowers to decorate his Studio. It shows great mastery of the textures. Photographs of floresLos photographers flowers and vegetation specialists are trying to recreate the flowers in a digital scenario, realize that every detail, colour, texture is embodied in its astonishing beauty in deeper location that the retina of the eye, transforming it into an experience that reaches the spirit. Modern floral arrangements today can acquire a beautiful arrangement of sunflowers in our florist online and thus dazzle with their flashes of the person you want to be surprised.

Francoist State Republicans

Fruitless Madrid outlet provided an important lesson to Franco for the future of war: continuing with the capture of a well defended city as the capital of the nation, seemed not very sensible. Best thing then was cementing his power especially in the North of the country, which would give him the chance to complete the fence that was preparing for some time. The high national command, decided to finish with the last Republican hotbeds in the northern provinces, focused its attention on the conquest of Bilbao, Santander and mainly Asturias, where Republicans had made strong. On March 31, 1937 began the offensive. The nationalists put best of its offensive operation. If they could assure the North, would hands be them free to regroup their forces around Madrid. Preparations for the expedition of the North were made with meticulousness.

Franco relied on its division of elite (Navarra division) composed of 4 brigades with 18,000 men. At the same time, he received the help of the arrows Brigade Black, battalion composed of 8,000 Spaniards commanded by Italian officers. The air domain was guaranteed by Italian and German; aircraft and the blockade by sea by the national squad with the Canary Islands cruise to the front. The conquest of the North would be supervised by the general Llano de la Encomienda, who as a first task, had for mission make the conquest of the Basque country (Northern Spain, border with France). Thus began the famous campaign of Biscay. Republicans, whose possessions outside the Spanish Center nearby of a thread, had tried to regroup while Franco attacked Madrid. In the Basque country, the Republicans managed to form a respectable force of 30,000 men between Basque volunteers, Socialist, atheist, anarchist, Republicans and Communists. However, they suffered air support and motorized troops since the bulk of Soviet aid was destined for the capital.

The Spring

(8) Another important key to overcome the concern is reacting, accumulates within you the desire to be free, continue to build your life and lifestyle and time is short, parsed once more your chances, looking for new ways to capture them immediately and put them to work for you. This is the key, it brings new dedication to overcome you with enough discipline so that you’re more qualified for the current job and get ready for the next rise, expon you to all possible stimuli. (9) The best answer to a concern is trust, trust in yourself, I can better take care of next winter, have a strong shelter, first is stocked with sufficient supplies, now is how, now is how can I take advantage of the spring, going to grow better crops, larger, can I survive throughout the summer, this time I will not give upI’ll study weeds and how to rid myself of them. You’ll have less fear of climate change and sudden storms and the fall will be more careful and cosechare I have no complain, no blame anyone or anything by the amount of my harvest, will learn to save a reasonable portion to survive bad seasons, when reach the hailstorms without control and everything goes wrong. (10) The worst killer of self-confidence, of confidence in yourself, is the sense of guilt.

Not to do everything you can do in the entire length of your current ability, weakens the foundations of trust, most of the concern comes from the lack of confidence in yourself and the lack of confidence comes from two important things: first: the objectives that are not planned. Second: the lack of daily discipline to achieve them. Inaction is heal or attend the small things, that is what began the process of guilt and that always tends to make you see what is wrong and expect the worst, so listen to the voices of the creative experience, leave that wisdom, nature, books, that everything you teach.

Dan Omry System

An israeli company called Sphericon, which is based in Hertzlia, recently became the first non-American company to receive $80,000 of the U.S. Department of transportation, to start tests of its new system which will prevent that driver lost notion while driving. The new device that reads information from the steering system, is called DAISY (acronym of Driver Alertness Indication System), and determines if the driver is out of focus. This would happen if the driver falls asleep or is not attentive. The system also announces when the driver leaves the route.

If the driver loses control or the notion, the new system alerts you, either with an alarm, a light or moving your seat. This project already has several investors, such as: Groeneveld Groep B.V. of the Netherlands, an international automotive supplier, and Gintec Active Safety Ltd. of Israel. Engineer Dan Omry, who worked for the Ministry of Defense of Israel and for the U.S. national aviation and Space Administration, avoided giving details of the amount of money invested. According to Omry other systems that have been tested have failed, but not yours. According to statistics, and based on a study of the State of Virginia, more than 25 percent of traffic accidents occur because of that driver falls asleep or is inattentive.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, causes for drowsiness while driving accidents about 100,000 per year. This has a cost of 12.5 billion dollars, according to the U.S. National Sleep Foundation. Several companies have already expressed interest in the product; including General Motors. Thank you for the note to Article taken from The Jerusalem Report, written by Yael Kliers.

Pontifical Missionary Works

Continuation of the recordings audio of kinds of missiology Rerum Ecclesiae Pio XI 28 February 1926 encyclical on missionary action in which gives the title of Pontifical Missionary Works 4. It also establishes the world missions Sunday. Points to a double field: the Church that sends and aided Church. It raises the vocations in native institutions. Formation of catechists. He reiterated once again as of the previous document. The Popes again reiterate affirm the above always.

And always something new arises. This Pope has been called the Pope of the missions. He was the one who gave impetus to the consecration of bishops native accelerating the passage to the implantation of the Church. The tone of her missionary activity is accelerating the existence and autonomy of native Apostles, reiterates this. Work to ensure that these vocations arise strongly, because that way the same national may work immersed in its culture, since access to foreign missionaries is very difficult.

In China there is a church Chinese patriotic Catholic. But however they moved away from the Papal authority. Separate. This is the document XXII missionary for the Pope. It has therefore a historical context, which is merit of the Pope, and his immediate collaborators, as some Cardinals. This document also presents and points to a double field, she said. But starting with always give rise to the responsibility of the Church with regard to universal evangelization. Outward interest in highlighting the co-responsibility of bishops with the Pope. He is first in model of missionary. Vocations, missionary motivations, to raise support and specifically vocational, they rely in gratitude for the gift of faith, and the urgent need of Christian charity, which should lead to the announcement of the Gospel to all peoples. Evangelii Praecones Pius XII 2 of June of 1951 encyclical on the mode of promoting missionary work. At one point in the post war (second world war) the world is in reconciliation. On the occasion of 25th anniversary of the previous Encyclical. It harmonizes the two objectives of the mission, which is called to conversion and faith. The implantation of the Church establishing the indigenous hierarchy. The appointment of bishops, and also knowledge of the language. Make the cooperation of the laity. Refers to the Catholic action. The Pope is carrying it out. It does summarize the history mission of the past 25 years. Which meant persecutions, martyrs. Missionary makes a special call to aid in a time of postwar. Also in the countries of mission where there had been a great loss of missionaries, and apostolates. Had lost territory, and resource human. It should not be forgotten that the Pope had already published a missionary encyclical on July 13, 1940, directed to the hierarchy of the Portugal, it praises the great work carried out in Africa, America, and Asia missionary. In this encyclical, there are contributions from great universal value. As regards the training of missionaries. Subsequently published a third missionary encyclical (Fides Domun) In this letter that we’re seeing the Pope outlines it into two chapters: the first chapter have a retrospective look, over recent years, which has been the missionary boom. In the second chapter, the principles and rules of missionary action are present. What are the objectives, the native clergy about?, the cooperation of the laity in the field of education. The press. The charitable action. Doctrine and social practice of the Church. The importance of the artistic sector.

Mercy Please

Almost in all our meetings we talked about God’s love poured out into our hearts and their characteristics, but this time we are going to talk about something that we have seen in writing but we have not received enough attention because we have confused it with pity or we have believed that you it’s the same love called in another way: it’s mercy. Although some translations of the Bible have confused the terms and sometimes used the word mercy or the word charity in replacement of the word love, we can say that all of human history has been the history of the mercy of God towards men. Mercy and love have much to do with each other, but are essentially different. Why talk of the mercy of God in your marriage and mercy towards the other as husbands. Our central passage will be Lucas 6, 36: thirst, therefore merciful, as your father also is Merciful. 1. The mercy of God in our home we said that this is the history of mankind: that God has had enormous mercy on us! As well, this also has been the story of our marriage! We saw a few months ago how Dios had endeavoured by picking us as partner with the other, as Dios cared very well choose the person who has by his side as a wife or husband, taking care to get it right in all the qualities that one would complement to the other. We also saw as he had also matched the qualities that you dreamed that his wife has! He chose us perfectly, put two people who complement each other perfectly and that did it for love. BUT THEREAFTER WE HAD UNITED BY HIS PURE MERCY! That is why you have been blessed because he himself said in Romans 9, 15 that he will have mercy on him that he have mercy and compadecera of which are pitied.

The Site

In fact, the backup company – a multi-faceted process. You do not need to create an image for the site that corresponds exactly to reality. There is another aspect that is affected by design than emotions. This opinion. On the basis of images, people form an opinion. And then the first task – is to select exactly the approach that best suits the customer.

If the client is accustomed to luxury, it is necessary to establish his respectability, to show him what he was accustomed to seeing. If customers used to save, then a simple and "unvarnished" design will have them by heart anymore. Since about a person forms an opinion based on those images, which he saw on the website, the images that need special attention. By however, these images are emotionally affected by his behavior over the next few minutes he will dedicate the site. The man at first sees the whole site, and then he feels the aesthetic sense, based on the whole picture, which man saw once on your site, in his head there first impression – an image that is immediately passed on to apply to your company, as yet, nothing about you that he does not know.

Thus, a person visits the site and see an entire page, and then gradually stops his gaze on some parts of the site, which attracted his attention. If his eyes fell on what he sought, he will continue to study. If he did not find what he importantly, it can spend its efforts on search, or try your luck on another site. But how to adjust to all? Do not frighten, attract, induce positive emotions? In fact, attach great importance to the picture is not worth it. It is better to rely more unambiguous language – the letters and words. A necessary emotions can be called up with a design that reflects the expectations of the customer coupled with the real image of the company (or desired).

Registry Office

Currently in Guatemala and the rest of the world there are civil associations, which can be defined as follows: are foundations and associations organizations established non-profit that have affected lasting way by the will of its creators, its heritage to the attainment of objectives of general interest. These associations include the following: foundations NGO S Association of neighbours associations of taxi drivers associations of artists associations solidarist churches etc. Among the main features that distinguish such civil associations, the following: they have No profit, promote charity, charity, assistance or service social, cultural, scientific, artistic, literary, sporting, political, professional, Trade Union, religious education and instruction etc. d%20Center%20for%20Discovery&f=false’>Patrick Dollard Center for Discovery may not feel the same. According to article 34 of the political Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala, establishes a right for the person, freedom of Association, also article 3 of the Guatemalan civil code, it indicates that associations and foundations are legal persons, this means that it is a person other than the members that comprise it, may exercise all rights and contracting obligations that are necessary to carry out its purposes and will be represented by the person or body designated by the law, the rules of your institution, its statutes or regulations, or social writing. (Art. 16 Civil Code) OBLIGATIONS of legal civil associations develop their writing of Constitution drawing up the statutes that will govern the association elect the Board of Directors of said Association choose the Chairman and legal representative of the Board of Directors listing requirements to be able to associate Enroll in the Registry Office of the municipality where are enroll in the social security scheme when it owns more than three employees.

Social Management School Foundation

Start of a project of direct execution on the Valdez municipality (Sucre State) and the parish Jusepin (municipality Maturin, Monagas state), executed between 2003 and 2006. In these municipalities, he has worked in partnership with companies Statoil, Conoco, Shell and Total. Since 2003 with BANMUJER develops a project of national execution in 13 municipalities in 12 States of the country, called Local human development, governance and gender equity, which consists of the preparation of Agendas for gender equity with the active participation of the members of the network of users of BANMUJER and representatives of women’s organizations and non-governmental institutions that operate in the town. Among the achievements made through this product are the strengthening of the social fabric through the training of women belonging to the Popular network of BANMUJER users and other community organizations that work in each of these municipalities; the strengthening of social capital through building a reliable framework of agreements in 13 municipalities; the strengthening of democratic governance through the construction of spaces for citizen participation and to agree on collective actions between community organizations and multiple political, economic, social and cultural actors among others. With the Social Management School Foundation, started in 2006 the Project to support the institutional strengthening of six mayoralties of the llanero North axis, the El Valle (Caracas) and Guiria parish. Should be noted that within this study of the relevance of the human development, can not be neglected that represents the index of human development, according to UNDP, it is the result of the conjugation of GDP according to the purchasing power and the indexes of expectation of life and adult alphabets, this last determined by rates of enrollment and customer service programscenters and/or educational institutions. Poverty, on the other hand, is the deprivation of access to health, education and recreation that achieve a comprehensive welfare State; and the human poverty index which was introduced by UNDP in its 1997 report to represent the multiple dimensions of poverty, is calculated according to the percentages of people estimated do not live more than 40 years, illiterate adults, population without sustainable access to source of improved water and/or health services, and the number of children under the age of five years that are below appropriate weight and size.

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