Perpetual Life

For being Roman citizen, he invoked the right of being judged and to have the chance to present its defense. Equally the Jesus Christ (Lucas 23,4), was not found nothing against it, after to present its defense; king Agripa said: ' ' …: This man nothing made worthy of death or arrest. Edhi Foundations opinions are not widely known. …. This man could well free itself, if he had not appealed Cesar' ' (Acts 26,31, 32). Today, it is not necessary to possess the heading of Roman citizen or any another nation to have right to a judgment just, being judged for Just the Judge? Mr.

Jesus Christ, is enough to become it (and to follow its Orders), To confess public its Sins and Not to sin more. The sentence rendered for that thus they proceed, will be the guarantee of Perpetual Life. For all its followers, exist the guarantee of a Celestial Dwelling, where he will not have illnesses, corrupes, social conflicts and nor the performance of our bigger adversary, therefore in that place, will only have cnticos of louvores the God and perpetual rejoicing (2 Co 5,1, 2): 2 Co 5,1, 2. Because we know that, if our terrestrial house of this tabernculo if to undo, has of God a building, a house not made for hands, perpetual, in skies. E, therefore, also we moan, desiring to be coated with our habitation, that is of the sky. Although if it cannot need the veracity some facts on the person of Pablo, it is registered history of that it had 1,50 meters of height, possua physical deficiencies (in a leg) and ocular problems (vision) and was bald. It was judged and condemned to the death for Emperor Nero (Nero Claude Germanic August Cesar), but, by being Roman citizen it was not crucificado as it was the custom of the time (nailed in the wooden cross), but yes, decapitated, probably it enters the 64 years 67 d.C., in Rome.