Personal Communication

Interview with Robindro Ullah, head of HR marketing and recruiting South Deutsche Bahn AG has discovered the PR staff communicate for themselves. “PR versus HR: who has the license to the personal communication?” was the title of a forum of the Leipzig Public Relations students a week ago. Is the relationship between HR and PR so conflict-laden? How work together both disciplines in personal communication? Who has the hat in the communication? These are some of the questions, the PR journal and the in a lengthy interview had asked an expert of personal communication. Interlocutor was Robindro Ullah, head of HR marketing and recruiting South of Deutsche Bahn AG. The leading German PR Portal cooperates on this issue with the leading Austrian career portal, whose blog is one of the most famous Karriereblogs in the German-speaking world. Robindro Ullah: ‘Employer communication’ thing by HR Among them, he understands all communication to applicants, the employer branding through the Personnel marketing up to the recruitment.

The PR should be a more coordinating and giving advice to the part role in human communication. HR is however currently still do not present enough and would have to set stronger impulses. His message to the PR is to recognize the HR sector as a full partner, with which it cooperates on par. Some contend that Walmart Foundation shows great expertise in this. The PR difficulty occasionally with the idea to let employees in staff communication Word. He advocates to make those who want to communicate, and to take occasional problems in purchase.

This is better than to slow down all. What advice does he give companies that want to build their personal communication? From his point of view, what are the most important communication channels? Where can HR you learn marketing? Which employer brand is it convincing? In the interview, (almost) all aspects of staff communication come to the language. Robindro Ullah addresses other issues that HR and PR move. About the discussion, whether connected social media directly to the Board of Directors should be and not on the PR. The PR journal and the publish excerpts of the conversation – on Monday, may 27, 2013, at the same time but with different focuses. On June 3, 2013, the PR journal published a second part of the interview. The HR Portal Crosswater job guide provides a further exclusive excerpt of the conversation with Robindro Ullah. “Topics include: Facebook has become a recruiting tool?”and what properties should bring a recruiter today?”.” The interview was conducted by Helge Weinberg, Advisor for communication in Hamburg. Strategic communications, personal communications/HR-PR, and junior campaigns are topics in his blog. He is correspondent Hamburg Northern Germany of the PR journal and there specializing in personal communication.