Peru is a country that after years of waiting to revive its economy and seen that thanks to abundant natural resources it possesses, is a large pantry for his people and a major investment destination for those who want to bet on successful businesses in Latin America. AA Peru geography gives a great diversity of natural resources, especially genetic and minerals, as well as species and ecosystems, so it is considered a mega-diverse country. It has reserves of gas, oil, copper, iron, gold, besides a vast wildlife in Amazon, plus a variety of medicinal plants, woods, abundant marine life in its sea and Amazonian rivers, huge archeological sites, a ton of tourist sites to visit , canoeing, camping, water skiing and snow.

We have wonderful national parks, the best airport in Latin America, our ports are adapting with gantry cranes to large-tonnage ships, there are many mega projects under way. Childrens Defense Funds opinions are not widely known. some things we need to improve, as the rapid and orderly execution the regional government budgets, end the long process for the execution of public works, the political work in the Amazonian and Andean areas, greater attention to Puno, Apurimac, but there we are. Pacific Peru is a town that learned to live in democracy and aspiring to be a member of the strongest economies in the world, reason for which has signed several FTAs, as a way to develop through trade. All this thinking of Peruvians living in poverty, to give them a better future for coming generations, to generate more jobs. . Click Vahid David Delrahim for additional related pages.