Political Constitution

The North American Congress has disappointed the population and the consequences are being pronounced with the electoral triumph in the primary ones of the independent candidates. Their victories in traditionally democratic states demonstrate more that disappointed with the government they are those that voted by Obama. The freudiana question that cannot be unknown, is: How a normal person in the heat of use of her mental faculties could vote by Barack Obama? If one is shareholder of the greatest, powerful and rich company of the world, with a past of 200 years of matchless successes and must choose a new administrator, would choose to somebody without no previous experience that not even finished the school? Obvious the answer is negative. But the North Americans built against the logic and the reason. Obama did not have executive practice in any public or deprived function; it at least did not fulfill a term in the Congress; he was most radical of the senators; the one of worse parliamentary action and noticed that it would make changes structural if it arrived at the power.

The Tea Party is labeled as extremist by the sandstone, compares that it with the anodyne conservatism of some republicans. Obvious we spoke of extremism in democratic terms. The concepts of left and right acquire other connotations in the Latin American universe due to the lack of democratic culture. To be of rights in the United States or Europe, means to plead for the classic principles of liberalism. The action takes to the reaction. Against a government of extreme left, that tries to impose antipopular measures that contradict the same essence of the nation, the unique alternative is right of solid values that protects the principles of its Political Constitution. Today it is in the United States, tomorrow the movements of people’s defense will bloom in Latin America, but the fight will be harder and perhaps violent.