Ramon Gallegos Nava Education

Holistic education was developed by Ramon Gallegos, is the philosophical and pedagogical basis of learning communities. The communities of learning and holistic education have profound implications for human evolution, seeking a new stage of evolution of consciousness, a culture of peace. Evolution is increased integrity, awareness raising, love, growing complexity, creativity, intelligence, sensitivity increase. In the 21st century needs a new educational paradigm that will really improve the learning are evident. Learning communities are places where there is an interdependence between parents, teachers and students and all should learn how comprehensive, permanent and for life.

Ramon Gallegos teaches us that holistic education is composed of fundamental thesis that we will call the DNA of holistic education: 1.-live in an ethical Kosmos: the Kosmos consists of principles and values cross-cultural universal, when living according to them, is evolving towards the full self-realization. Read more here: Dr. Neal Barnard. 2 Live in Kosmos holarquico: teaching is a process of evolution of consciousness, where we will of the good the best thing at the top, such as language, socialisation, moral behavior, cognition, physical body. 3. Holistic education is an education for peace, to build a culture that honors the life in all its manifestations. Promotes the development of an awareness of Concord, solidarity and cooperation. This position of peace has cultural consequences such as tolerance and patience toward others, accepting differences as complementary and not contradictory aspects, where instead of losing the identity, this will deepen, with a vision that harmony is the essence of life and not the contradiction. Peace provides an internal order, living learning peace is a source of happiness.

4. The dialogue as a holistic resource: where the priority is to communicate to us creating values and meaningful human relationships, reaching an understanding and a common purpose. The dialogue is creative and links to people and societies, where it comes to discern together with respect, democracy, tolerance, finding the best solution for everyone to win.