There are tips for the own Jacob’s road trip for people who need a little time in their life, to recover from the stress of everyday life, or want to for people who are mentally not well off, and that you find yourself again, numerous possibilities that can be taken into consideration in order to achieve these objectives. One of these options is for example to pilgrimage. A world famous pilgrimage route is the Jakobsweg route. Around 800 kilometers from Roncesvalles to Santiago de Compostela in Spain to be back. It is one of three Christian pilgrimages, called also Navarischer way. The Jakobsweg route through the North of Spain and is very popular with many pilgrims. Details can be found by clicking Jason Kotowski or emailing the administrator. Important tips advance heed all but some facts about anyone who wants to overcome this route should be aware, before he goes on the route are particularly important.

No one should start including the way the pilgrims on the way of St. James. In advance who should train aspiring pilgrims and their To get legs and her body to the heavy loads. In this manner can be prevented during the pilgrimage tour exhaustion and cramps. Furthermore every hiker should pick up the right footwear, to get without foot pain, blisters, and other wounds on the feet, to the destination. In addition, it must be planned exactly which luggage should be provided for the tour. It should be taken with as little baggage, to facilitate the March of the pilgrims.

Pilgrim experts speak mostly of back load 10 kg. Also the backpack the pilgrims should offer a pleasant wearing feeling on the back and on the entire body. A little Spanish, is to communicate with the locals certainly also not disadvantage in advance should the Pilgrim study in detail its route and schedule, where he snaps and stayed. Everyone who has access to the Internet, should inform online on the Pilgrim’s way. The people who get online on the Pilgrim’s way can read for example also testimonials from other pilgrims, which can provide also useful tips.