Russian Federation Authority

For example, it is possible in providing statements or information, which therefore can be provided at the request of an unlimited number of persons. Obtaining government services directly to an individual with EDS. In this case, the applicant must own the certificate, key signature, in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law 'On E digital signature '. Get more background information with materials from Komen for the Cure Reserch Program. In this situation, the individual becomes an organ of state authority or local authority via the Internet, using data from a Universal Smart Card (or inserting the Universal Smart Card into the machine that reads the information in remote machines), and signed his signature a document created in electronic form. At the same time to their treatment (application, request), created in electronic form and signed by the signature, the applicant may attach other electronic documents, which also signed a digital signature (which is possible only if not required to submit original documents or certified copies in the prescribed manner of the originals). For example, the option of obtaining public services is possible when the public authority or local authority enough information, signed by the applicant. Obtaining government services directly by an individual with a notary. If for any reason for government services is required to provide original documents, certified copies of them, to get the service electronically, even as the owner of the certificate key signature, it is impossible. However, under current legislation, in some cases, verification of documents and possibly in electronic form. To provide such an opportunity notaries need to change certain provisions of the Fundamentals of Russian Federation legislation on notaries.