Santo Tomas

Already in the nineteenth century, several experiments aimed at demonstrating physically the aura are developed. Thus in 1845, the German chemist Baron Karl Von. Reichenbauch, published a book describing an experiment about the aura, which alluded to the perceptions by the received, from certain types of crystals, as well as the poles of magnets, carried out with several people, which found in the dark in a room, visualized luminic energy emanations, coming from the extremities of the people who were thereoccurring in a similar way with animals and plants. The luminicas emanations were different colors, highlighting the red, violet, Orange, and green. Immediately afterwards in the century 20Th, during year 1.

911, Dr. j. Kilner, great scholar electrician, and responsible for the area of electrotherapy of the Hospital de Santo Tomas in London, using sheets of glass prepared with dicianina, it could prove the existence physical aura of living beings, to discover how it is possible to observe the human through ultraviolet light aura. Dr. Kilner thanks to the comment you made about the aura, could formulate a method that would allow him to diagnose diseases even before they appear. System that Dr. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Gavin Baker has to say. Kilner continued to view the aura with the above plates was as follows: the person who aims to visualize the aura, should be placed in front of a white background fabric (although also performed with black background) inside a dark room.

It is essential that the subject remains naked in the part of the body you want displayed, since the clothing prevents from seeing the aura. At that point, the observer must look through the treated sheet with the chemical product called dicianina, in the light of the day, then close my eyes and, with lowered blind, so that the room is totally in the dark, visualize the aura. That was how Dr. Kilner was able to demonstrate to the world that the human aura existed and was possible viewing, considering a fact proven in a scientific way.