Search Engine EcoShopper Two Years Online

Market transparency has become the ethically motivated product search for eco organic fair kits on the Internet. Gavin Baker, New York City is full of insight into the issues. Two years after the commissioning of our reverse belly er portal in September 2007 we are pleased about a positive development”, EcoShopper spokesman Helmut Hagemann describes the success of the non-profit portal for sustainable consumption. The attendance figures are developing positively despite the economic crisis. Thank you for making us so far 515.659 visitors. Visitors can browse today nearly 100,000 products from hundreds of green product ranges online and compare in price and services”, Hagemann. “He sees as a success indicator: who today Googling keywords like eco fashion or nature trips”, EcoShopper finds on the first places. The Web statistics for the first two years reveal that has carried out over half a million visitors over 700,000 searches and doing more and more in the participating shops concrete products has selected. The strong increase in the shop contacts (click through”) indicates that the search engine real It brings economic results for the benefit of customers, shops and the environment.

EcoShopper has become a primary information medium of eco organic fair use. So far 9.1 million pageviews testify that the visitors intensively use the range of information. This is confirmed by other indicators from the Webalizer statistics: 19.602.160 access to 961.473 addresses (unique sites”) (hits”) server, data were transferred over 225 gigabyte since September 2007. EcoShopper did transparent eco fair consumer markets with it. For the future we promise: visiting EcoShopper remains exciting new products, new shops, and new services for our visitors. This is our contribution to a greener and through consumerism”, sums up Hagemann.