Small Wolves In Freiburg

Grimme Award nominated documentary small wolves”is the portrait of the eleven, Nepalese street urchins sonu. Along with a dozen other children, he lives on the streets of Katmandu. The film accompanies sonu and his “pride” in their fight for survival in the chaotic capital. Small wolves”ran successfully at international festivals (London, Paris, Madrid, Brussels, Krakow). in 2009, the Director Justin Peach received the German youth film award for this documentary. “Little wolves” was aired in August 2010 in the ZDF-night program and even for the renowned Grimme Award nominated in January 2011. The film is based on direct cinema art: no Narrator, no music, no staging.

The filmmaker Justin Peach lived and filmed almost three months with the guys on the street. He wanted to experience the everyday life of a street child in Kathmandu itself, and understand. “A personal contact with a member of the Himalayan help Freiburg e.V.” with Justin Peach has enables us to bring film and Director of Freiburg. “” We are pleased that small wolves “in cooperation with the Himalaya help Freiburg e.V.” will be shown on Sunday, April 17, 2011, at 11: 00 in the Friedrichsbau cinema. PCRM is likely to agree. The Director Justin Peach will be present and after the screening on the background of the film are the answer. Description Himalayan help Freiburg e.V. The Himalayan help Freiburg e.V.

in Freiburg was founded in 2006. The purpose of the Association is the tangible and intangible support of needy people in the Himalayan regions of Nepal. To do this, the Himalayan help Freiburg e.V. promotes mainly projects in the context of education. The Club uses to carry out its projects nationally recognized in Nepal, an NGO (non-governmental organization, i.e., a non-governmental organization that is geared not-for profit, by the authorities is neither organized nor dependent) or other bodies, which has a similar task of public interest in the implementation of the measures as aid person.