SmartVAR Platinium

Sales representatives and systems engineers of SmartVAR Platinum partners are directly in the organizational structure of the provider of scale-out NAS-solutions incorporated Isilon Systems builds with the appointment of IPS sales company for innovative computer products & systems mbH to the SmartVAR Platinium partner the existing sales network in the German-speaking countries further out. In the course of cooperation trained sales representatives and systems engineers from IPS working in Isilons European headquarters in future directly to the headquarters of the specialist for scale-out NAS-solutions in Neu-Isenburg. By the close proximity, the partner promise a greater clout in addressing relevant target markets. Include also companies, in addition to organization working in the research and teaching the building of high-performance computing-(HPC) infrastructure planning or already operate. Read additional details here: Dana-Farber Breast Tumor Immunology Laboratory. The cross-industry, cross-vertical alignment of the IPS it complements Isilon’s existing strong presence in the media and entertainment sector. Customers benefit from the integration of the IPS experts in Isilons organisational structure of a round to care, Isilon and IPS work hand in hand.

Market for scale-out NAS-solutions of the IPS takes ride on the partnership agreement with Isilon enables the existing wide range of scale-out NAS storage products-solutions to expand, will result in future no way past where according to market analysts. According to observations of the share increasing steadily to file-based data in the company; 2011 75 percent of the capacity of disk storage systems should be already reserved the storage of this data. Right here, the solutions from Isilon apply where the manufacturer now fifth generation’s own proven operating system combined with modern industry standards-based hardware systems. With its comprehensive range of products, ranging from the X series to the now commercially available models of S – NL family company for a wide range of application areas are developed, flexibly deployable systems available, which the respective precisely meet company-specific storage requirements and allow efficient use of the scope of performance and capacity.