Spanish Republic

Emiliano married a sister of the toledan writer Ramirez. In the early years of the war provoked by the military rebellion of general Franco was sent by the Spanish Republic to Cuba on cultural mission, starting a campaign in favour of the Republic in the people newspaper. Good lecturer, gave several lectures in Ateneo de la Habana, the Hispanocubana institution of culture, friends of the Spanish Republic and the Lyceum society. In 1938 he directed the anti-Franco Spain Magazine magazine. He collaborated from the first issue, October 1939, in the magazine our Spain, directed by alvaro de Albornoz, and who was born in Havana, on the printing press of the Malaga poet Manuel Altolaguirre.

He became a journalist in magazine posters, which the Spaniard Antonio Ortega, directed and collaborated in Bohemia Social facets of Spanish News and La Veronica. Your stay in Cuba as an exile lasted until 1958, with sporadic stays in Mexico, Puerto Rico and Buenos Aires, where the consecrated Spanish actress Margarita Xirgu represented some of their works. In Mexico he collaborated in Excelsior and El Nacional, and also published several books. On his return to Spain he collaborated in the people newspaper. In the last years of his life he was often in the building of the Madrid Press Association, since it was a regular visitor to the doctor’s Office.

His first book of poems appears in Cuba in 1920, the grey haven, subsequently published confession (1927), and later appears the mill not milling (1927), considered his best poems, which followed Cuba ballads and other poems (1937). Already in 1940 in his poetic anthology, there are some new poem, as the dedicated to Antonio Machado in his death. In the introduction to this anthology, writes Manuel Altolaguirre: his poetry has all the qualities of a luxurious foliage of offered in heaven to conquer the world’s future.