Surface Oil

Preparation of metal surfaces rust from small surfaces (radiators, grills, railings, etc.) or hand-cleaned steel electric toothbrushes. At the same time removed from the surface film of rust, scale, spray plaster and glue paints. Installed on the space radiators is difficult to clean the side facing the wall. Therefore, radiators, clean and proolifit before installing them in place. Center for Responsible Business may not feel the same. the ground surface.

Additional operations performed in preparing the surfaces to remove rust stains non-aqueous, fat and other stains from the surfaces is the same as for water stains. Previously painted with oil paint surface, but contaminated with long-term operation, washed with hot soapy water or soda. In the case of backlog of or damage to the oil film on the large areas of its remnants must be removed and the surface to prepare and paint again. There are three ways of removing the old oil film: mechanical, fire and chemical. When film is removed mechanically using a metal trowel, scrapers or chisels.

It is often damaged outer layer of plaster, which subsequently have to grind with the addition of lime-sand mortar. This method is applicable for all surfaces, except wood. The fire way to the oil film is annealed by special gas-flame burners, such as HS-5, building a hairdryer, as well as soldering tubes and immediately clean metal spatula. Working with a blowtorch, you must ensure that it is not smoked. When detected on the surface of soot, it was washed with 1-2% hydrochloric acid. This method is applicable for plaster and metal surfaces.