What Should You Keep In Mind The Dog Box -?

Who needs the dog box – and what should you consider? Man’s best friend is undoubtedly the dog and mostly the dog accompanied its owner during the holiday. In flight or boat trips, the dog must be transported but often in a crate. The dog box is so to speak the travel cabin of the dog. The travel, until you arrive at your vacation destination, are sometimes long. Therefore it is already almost by itself, that the crate must meet some basic criteria, the dog can feel reasonably comfortable.

The most important, which must meet a dog box, is the size. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from PCRM. Depending on the size of the animal, the dog box must have a corresponding size. While the dog not be wedged and should turn yet, so he must not remain in the same position the whole time. In addition, the entire box should be robustly designed because it must withstand impact in use. Inside should be sure that the floor made of a good material is, which likewise has down cold and heat, so the air inside the box remains stable and the dog does not cool off or gets heat stroke but. Also should be easy to clean dog crates. Therefore, firmly built material deposits, which are not removable, should be avoided. Also bars forming the side walls are ideal.

They allow the dog, that he go outside can see and feel too constricted in his crate. Of course, also a continuous air supply for the animals is guaranteed. Of course you should look for when these bars also, that these are processed correctly, i.e. could no sharp edges where the dog injured and that they are neither too close nor too far apart. All in all: in the dog box you should pay attention to a good quality, so that the travel for the dog does not become the absolute agony.