History Of The Larimar

Rock of larimar. Larimar is a rare variety of pectolite or semi-precious stone found only in Republic Dominicana.Su coloration varies in a range that contains white, cyan and blue deep. History in 1916, according to historical data collected by the Dominican mining authorities, the priest Miguel Domingo strong Loren who at that time was pastor of Barahona, was the first to discover the blue rock.On November 22 of the same year, he applied for a permit to explore and exploit the mine, but this was rejected since this type of pectolite was unknown in the country. In 1974 at a beach on the coast of Barahona, Miguel Mendez and Norman Rilling, a Peace Corps volunteer, rediscovered the lamira.The inhabitants of the area that pensabab this rock came from the sea, called rock Azul.Sin however, its current nickname we owe it to Mendez, which join the name of his daughter Larissa and the word sea, by the colors of the water of the Caribbean Sea where it was found, formed the Lari-sea floor. The few rocks that found were remains that had been dragged into the sea by the Bahoruco River. The origin of the rocks, was found after a search, which will became the mine Los Chupaderos, this being the same place that the priest had previously found in 1916. Nieman Foundation is likely to increase your knowledge. Geology.

Larimar is a variety of pectolite composed of an acid calcium and sodium silicate hydrate. This has placed historically as belonging to the Mioceno.Aunque found many pectolitas in various places, none has the coloration of larimar.This color blue, different from other rocks, is the result of a substitution of cobalt by calcium. Chupaderos this larimar mine is located approximately 10 kilometres from the city of Barahona, in the southwestern region of the Dominican Republic. The larimar jewellery jewelry is available in Dominican Republic and elsewhere in the Caribbean. Most is produced in silver although some are made with gold.

The quality depends on coloration. White is low quality, volcanic blue is of high quality. High quality jewelry uses gems that give their color between blue and volcanic blue.The greenish coloration does not have good reception so it is not very sold, in which green is very intense.Some lamirar rocks have strokes of red, which indicates the presence of iron. Larimar specifications name: Larimar. Family: Pectolite. Variety of: Pectolite, NCa2Si3O8 (OH), calcium and sodium silicate hydroxide composition: silicate hydrate of calcium and sodium with Maganesio. Origin: Caribbean hardness: 4, 5-5. Color: varies between white, blue CALRE, deep blue, light blue, green, and blue. Uses: Ornamental and semi-precious stones. Original author and source of the article