The greatest benefit of forced matrix system is that you get your group members in an indirect way (without having your affiliate) due to spills of the array. I mean, in the forced matrix system, you can enroll a certain number of people and all others who join will fall below your first level thus completing your womb and make money giving people who receive these affiliates you have entered in your womb and win your own course if any member of your commission directly. Center For Responsible Lending may also support this cause. For PromosHosting is a 3×15 matrix. What does this mean? In your class you can only enroll a maximum of three people and each other three, and up to 15 levels below you. The matrix gives you complete annual revenues of more than 10 million U.S.

dollars. Based on this explanation you will see that you’ll receive indirect members of my work, the work of my sponsor, the work of its sponsor and the entire team that is above you, this makes it impossible not to win. The only requirement you must meet in order to collect the fees that you will win through the pours of the matrix (of participants who fall into your womb through our work) is that you have three personal affiliates, three persons to whom your offer them the opportunity and they join you. It’s that simple. No need to have monthly volumes to charge or anything like that, simply to have your three Personal members get paid for all your benefits from your computer.

And best of all, we work today to not have to work tomorrow because we earn money today for the affiliation of the members who bring to the company but we are planting to be revived on the same date next year for membership renewals and this year. We plant to pick our fruits every day. Think for a moment as your finances will be in two years taking advantage of this excellent opportunity. I personally see the business system PromosHosting as a system of investment in the medium – long term in which they invest $ 12 USD a year, take your position in the womb and expect to produce money thanks to the growth of the matrix Secure your position in the array at the same time by clicking on this link: Tutorial step by step to join the matrix: When is charged in PromosHosting? In PromosHosting directly charged to your account each time AletPay earn on your account $ 50 dollars, when you have accumulated this quantity company sends you the money to your AlertPay account. From AlertPay you withdraw your money by bank transfer to your bank. Another important point to comment, the company rewards the work and therefore for every 20 direct members you bring to PromosHosting win a bonus $ 50 USD and so for every 20 direct affiliates. How much money you win for every member? Earnings per member are as follows: 1 .- direct affiliate of the first level: $ 4 USD. 2 .- Direct Affiliate Level 2 to Level 15: $ 3.50 USD. 3 .- Affiliate indirectly at any level: $ 0.50 USD. 4 .- direct affiliation Bonus: $ 20 USD for every 20 members.