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In this case we can avoid invasive techniques, which are very difficult in patients with long standing drug addiction. In addition, when an inhalation technique, a sufficient concentration of cytokines directly into the central nervous system, and those in her area, where anatomically localized opiate compensation system. They can easily pass the blood-brain barrier and provide adequate (therapeutic) concentrations at the points of application – opiate receptors. Cytokines are special molecules with protein and other structure, which carry out the transfer of information within the immune and nervous system. At the present time, cytokines are considered by scientists as the "medicine of the 21st century." Now it is fashionable to call nanotechnology. Since the function of cells nervous system are regulated with cytokines, the use of drugs based on them has a pronounced effect on the psycho-emotional person, including behavioral responses. The reason for introducing tsitokinoterapii in the practice of drug treatment were the previously obtained data on the ability of immune cells and their products (cytokines) to prevent the development abstinetnogo syndrome after discontinuation of the drug in experimental animals Heroin structure and operation is very similar to endorphins released in your body and enkephalin – the main mediators (ie cytokines) opioid reward system.

But unlike natural endorphins, heroin is able to create extremely high concentrations at the points of application (opioid receptors). If you compare their own endorphins with a key to the castle, the heroine serves as a crude but effective spikes. He long time if not forever change the thresholds of opiate receptors and last longer respond adequately to the natural concentration of their own endorphins. Actually it is neurophysiological basis of the syndrome of craving. There are many cytokines, is currently at the Research Institute of Immunology chosen such a combination, which in clinical trials in humans can to overcome the syndrome of pathological craving for the drug component including depressive and prescribe treatment after full-fledged member of society, not in need of further costly rehabilitation. Many volunteers past the experimental treatment – after the application of cytokines have been educated, work, have children and no craving do not. Long-term clinical trials of the developed method of treatment of opiate Pilot neuropsychological study of emotional space treated with cytokines heroin addicts confirm clinical observations. Restore Delta and the rhythms of the electroencephalogram tetta (See charts) are encouraged to continue and set up experiments.

For comparison, in leading clinics of Russia and the world real efficiency does not exceed 5 – 15%. The vast majority of serious professionals so far considered incurable heroin addiction, and symptoms of craving for the drug irresistible. (Iwaniec 2001).. For further research is necessary to create special conditions on the basis of a specialized clinic. Neither the state nor the existing funds of money on research is not isolated. Nevertheless, the group of scientists still hopes that their efforts and results will be in demand by As forces continue research in this direction. The psychiatrist, the psychiatrist, researcher at the Institute of Immunology, RAMS k.m.n AI Ravens

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