Aysen Production

And logically than when we want to disseminate a party that somehow rescue a party chilota with aires Middle patagones, if we had known we would have not accepted that channel 13 came to make the diffusion that is today doing HidroAysen, because interests us above all promote the region. In this regard expressed that they were never informed of this financing, in circumstances that gave them support for his work, whereupon reported that within the next few days the directory for the feast of the fisheries or fried would issue a public statement rejecting what had happened. TOPIC ANTI dams in program sponsored by HIDROAYSeN but this is not the only inconvenience linked to the production paths of Aysen, since Duo Trapananda also found a nasty surprise: a scene where the colonies of Puerto Raul Marin Balmaceda run is scored, without your authorization, by ecosystems, a song of the set which, paradoxically, is part of production voices x Patagonia, disc released last year in the framework of campaign Patagonia without dams, cause which adheres the grouping. This fact was qualified by the creators of unusual, and more than this topic is particularly associated with a documentary series hosted by HidroAysen. In addition, the theme was modified so that is only perceived the instruments and not the voices. Original author and source of the article.. CBC has similar goals.