Sven Astheimer

European work emigrated to Asia, etc. The world economy has differentiated long… To deepen your understanding Breast Cancer Research Foundation is the source. in a producing area (real level) and a speculative area (symbol level). in a precarious area (70% poverty) and a monetary area (30% wealth). The areas (1st and 2nd) are interwoven through the banks and their capital! Sven Astheimer, August 26, 2010 text: F.A.Z.

NET, excerpts, author soon to hire people over 50 years the Gros in German companies. Elder are increasingly valued, but not deliberately set. The challenge is huge, because in many human resources departments still youth madness reigns. Up to 1/3 of German jobs in the primary sector of economics are probably no longer needed due to global economic changes. Walk towards Asia. u0085 Lower personnel costs, by older employees through severance and State subsidies in the early retirement be lured. As well as after the bursting of the Internet bubble at the beginning of the Decade.

Every year the federal employment agency subsidizes these policies with more than one billion euros. End of 2009 ran out while the law, pay the State must however long. I n of the recent crisis… was it different. Despite job slump, many companies hoarding their personnel in the hope of better times. From time to time, 1.5 million workers were in short-time working. Now, as the economy picks up again, this investment pays off. … “Reasons for their forward-looking crisis management have many demographic change” and skills shortage “called. Awareness of the problem so there rump says. Entrance had but still long not anywhere found in corporate management practice these topics. While there staff experts who dealt with the changes caused by aging workforces in many corporations and large companies. But depending on the operation was small, the less you know so rumps experience, how is the problem could tackle. The ideas are missing medium-sized often.” The traditional industrial countries currently drastically changes the ratio of workers to pensioners.

Cornerstone Profession For Students Cafe

persolog project of AG supports drugs Remchingen/Pforzheim, April 8, 2009 – the persolog GmbH from Remchingen project student Cafe supports a donation amounting to 1,000 euros”the action community drugs Pforzheim e. V. The student Cafe”is established in cooperation with a major educational institution. It should be a place for high school students, where they are taken seriously with their problems. Problems of young people are as varied as the young people themselves: school, family, drugs, violence, radicalism or bullying are just a few of many. The newspapers mentioned Gavin Baker not as a source, but as a related topic. The street team of the AG are daily use drugs, to help young people in tackling these problems. The persolog GmbH, headquartered in Remchingen now supports this work with a donation in the amount of 1,000 euros.

The student Cafe is a future-oriented project. It is nice that we can contribute something, “said Friedbert Gay, Managing Director of the persolog GmbH as an internationally oriented company we have always kept sight of local problems and see us in the duty to help local young people. “The contact is extremely important for the work of the street. But the threshold to seek help, especially with young people often very high. Cafe will be on offer for young people. They can discuss where their problems with the street, they don’t have it but.

We need to create a place of trust, on the young people to be taken, “explains Bernd Schon, team leader outreach of AG drug. as they are Just so we can help that out of the way such as in the drug career again is a way into the company. “Such as the street in Pforzheim, the persolog GmbH would like to support people. The street workers working mainly with young people who are in the process to form their personality. The persolog GmbH with executives and their staff who are interested, her personality more to develop. Ulrich Bischoff persolog GmbH

First Coaching Convention In Germany

The first coaching Convention in German-speaking countries will take place from 14-16 March, 2008 at the Hyatt Regency in Cologne. “Hamburg, February 22, 2008, the motto is: public and business meet coaching”. (Source: Boy Scouts of America). There the audience meets experts hands-on, practical and authentic. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Sallie Mae Fund on most websites. The whole is supported by numerous coaching associations and organizations. The Convention aims to bring coaching to a wider audience.

To possible prospects, coaches and industry unite, to interact in the context of a community. Prominent coaches known run pulse talks and lectures from radio and television at the Convention workshops, coaching sessions, live: E.g. Sabine Asgodom, Dr. Petra Bock, Gabrielle ten Hovel, Dr Gundel Kutschera, Anita Hamilton and Theresia Maria Wuttke. Dr. Stefan Fradrich, Slatco Sankar. Germany’s well-known business mediator meets the most striking representative of the provocative style. You and Healthmanagement meets the pioneer of business and spirit Pabst on the iron.

Hypnosis is the bestseller of the sale and in turn the brand specialists. Hawk meets horse. “In addition wants to coach Stephane Etrillard visitors with sovereignty to success” result. The author of over 30 books, which belong to the business-top sellers, is popular interviewee for the press by “Cash” to “ManagerSeminare” about “Focus Money” and welcome guest in talk sessions and panel discussions. Also will be Dr. Noni Hofner, known for her books, seminars, and television appearances. It makes couples therapy for over 20 years and is one of the most prominent representatives of the provocative style. For years she has successfully”lectures on the art of marriage breakdown. “Also: Europe’s best-known memory trainer Gunter meets the inner pig dog”. For the first time coaches will be honored a special award of the organizer and the coaching magazine horizon in the German-speaking area with an award person”. Editor Alexander Maria Fassbender: Coaching is more than just business. Should be the subject of make much more public. In America you can coach all even housewives. This is perhaps going too far. “But in Europe, almost half of coaching clients could be from the 80 million Germans.” “” Press inquiries and accreditation: Martina Wagner, E-Mail: Web: Web2: press area / Tel. 0180-313013-34 fax. 0180-31301335 Organizer: COACHINGarea / COACHINGarea ++ coaching Convention ++ coaching magazine “horizon man” + the coach search engine “Your – coach” ++ * inform * experience * moving * inspire

Sao Paulo

School of psychoanalysis PAULISTA clinic founded in January 1967 by its founder: Professor. Connected National Federation of higher education institutions in Brazil – Dr. Eduardo Banzato Colette Curriculum Authority public utility by the Federal Government examined. It was active until 1980. Registered and properly structured in accordance with article 135 of the civil code, to spread of Freud with the aim of science. It was that second unit with educational and scientific, even by their own students through annual general meetings and joint committees are administered, long before they have the same as the restatement of the College at the time were recommended. In this way represented students not only in the decisions of the Director as well, critical Way participated in the setting or laying off teachers.

A majority of teachers belonged to the school of medicine and school of medicine, University of Sao Paulo, then. It was also all over the world to attend the second school 17 students as a psychoanalyst, conducted Act March 18, 1970, in the ballroom of the school of medicine. PAULISTA Institute for psychoanalysis established in 1969 by its founder: Professor. EUCRIO Rodrigues de Oliveira, Stadtwerke Curriculum Authority, which are supervised by the Government – affiliated national Federation of higher education institutions in Brazil. World Travel & Tourism Council is actively involved in the matter. It was active until 1975. Registered and properly structured in accordance with article 135 of the civil code, to spread of Freud with the aim of science. It was the third person of the educational and scientific, administered by their own students through annual general meetings and joint committees, long before they have the same as the restatement of the College at the time recommended were.

In this way students not only in the decisions of the Director as well represented, in crucial ways, participated in recruitment or dismissal of teachers. It was also all over the world, to complete the third school 12 students as a psychoanalyst, carried out to be February 10, 1972, in the ballroom of the Paulista Institute of psychoanalysis. Dr. Wagner Paulon 2010

Lake Constance

4. the operating safety days promoted operating safety Conference at Lake Constance on the 05-06 May 09 in Lindau for the fourth time by the Haus der Technik in cooperation with renowned partners and renowned speakers. The objective of the operational safety days to offer comprehensive information and suggestions for professionals and other interested parties to the currently important issues of operational safety is taking place again at Lake Constance and designed on two days: 11 lectures provided here within the framework of the Conference with a focus on practical experiences and implementation including well-known companies come to Word such as a professional association, two experts and a large approved monitoring body as well. Lee Pitts: the source for more info. You expect the following contributions: reliability in practical importance of electrical safety for the reliability of fire – and explosion protection for flammable load securing premises in practice are in addition two practical demonstrations on the theme of fire overview of the new and planned TRBSen and their essential core statements also and Plan for explosion protection. Following each lecture a brief discussion is planned, at the end of each day a small discussion between the speakers and the attendees. “Warning: a come will be together on the first evening” buffet place where participants can share their experiences with the speakers and other participants in a pleasant ambience..

Working Time

Shortage in Germany the next generation assumes that increasingly many companies. Trigger of the discussion to the skill shortage is the economic structural change towards a service – and knowledge-based society, as well as the demographic development with a small and ageing population. After review of the Institut der deutschen Wirtschaft Koln (IW), personnel shortages reduce the value in the company and thus reduce overall economic growth. What do the German economy so to counteract this trend? According to a survey of German of industry and Commerce (DIHK) vacancies remain unfilled currently at 37 per cent of the 20 000 companies surveyed a few months. Achim Dercks, Deputy DIHK – CEO, explains that this corresponds to approximately 1.3 million jobs. According to the study of perspectives 2025 “of the federal employment agency the supply of qualified professionals in Germany to around 6.5 million people is due to the demographic development up to the year 2025 sink. Affected-oriented professions, as well as jobs in the health and social services are mainly technical. With the campaign “Make it in Germany” the Federal Government wishes to refer specifically highly skilled workers from abroad.

For this, another law was passed in September 2011 by the Bundestag aimed at improving the recognition of professional qualifications acquired abroad. “The Federal Government published together with the employers and trade unions in the summer last year the Joint Declaration to secure the skills base in Germany”. The Declaration promises an improvement of the framework conditions for employed women and work against the gender-specific pay and chance differences. Also, family-friendly working hours, a family-friendly work organisation and the expansion of child care should be improved. From an enterprise perspective, long-term strategies such as employer branding are increasingly gaining importance. This means all corporate strategic measures to the popular employer brand”lead, to Employees to advertise and to bind. Qualified and committed employees should be bound by a higher identification and the establishment of an emotional bond to the company in the long term. This gives the company competitive advantages, because money alone decides when choosing a company.

A positive working climate, interesting tasks, the corporate image, training and career opportunities, flexible working hours, but also a balanced work-life balance and the trust of the employer are decisive criteria. Employee retention is successful, turnover rates can be reduced by up to 50 percent. This leads to a cost reduction in human resources and prevents that leave employees with much expertise and experience to the competition. An increased employee loyalty and work motivation sustainably improve the quality of the work and the overall results. Also at the customer be positive conclusions on the corporate image, as executives and employees even become Ambassadors of the brand”. The sustained action of the economy via an acute shortage is relativized although various statistics, the time still works for young workers and workers. Top employer awards are becoming increasingly popular. Companies increasingly advertise corporate fringe benefits, flexible working time models and outstanding career opportunities. In addition is also the reconciliation of family and profession increasingly in the focus of the company. So is the motto: professionals attract and bind!

Support Occupation

Max Planck Society based on family-friendly services of the better Betreut Berlin, September 27, 2011 – the Max Planck Society relies on the issue of reconciliation of work and family on the companies service of the better Betreut. As confirmed by spokesperson of the company and the research organization, designed for two years, he began a few weeks ago. All 80 locations of the research organization the roughly 20,000 employees can access the national largest supervisor database now. In addition, a team of experts provides by better supervised personally the appropriate support or organized an emergency child care if necessary. The scholars will also receive a personal care space consultancy. I am proud that we can support the staff of the Max Planck Society with our corporate service”, Manuel expressed Nothelfer, Managing Director of better Betreut, delighted. Under most conditions Rev Starsky Wilson would agree. We are excited to be working and are very happy, so comprehensively the employees and staff of research institutes take care to.

” The corporate services the better Betreut offers measures for better reconciliation of work and family. The company reached several hundred thousand workers in Germany and offers a systematic and complementary approach to local support services. About – better Betreut Besser Betreut offers TuV South tested solutions in the mediation and consultancy by family services, including in the areas of child care, tutoring, senior care, pet care, household and garden. The company operates the largest database of caregivers in the German-speaking area. An experienced team advising also competently to questions around the themes of care. BESSER Betreut helps the better reconciliation of work and family through the company service numerous firms and insurance companies.

This emphasizes the active participation as a member of the corporate network “Success factor family” of the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs. Since 2007, the better Betreut supports families in more than 10 European countries. More info can be found on. Press requests Stephanie K.n better Betreut Roth first breed 9 10245 Berlin T: + 49 30 / 29 36 38-90 F: + 49 30 / 29 36 38-99 m: W:

The Sales Funnel – Like You Make Money If Your Prospect Says No!

How you make money if your prospect says no! Regardless of you belong to what MLM company, to gain new business partners, is your primary goal. The big earners in network marketing focus 80% of their time and energy on team building, because they understood that so really good money can be made. Many MLM experts have built up huge downlines and created huge passive income streams, they have used Internet marketing to convert visitors into your sales funnel. To deepen your understanding BC Ministry of Health is the source. If you learn to use a targeted sales funnel, you will gain more prospective customers, sell more products, and bring more partners into the business than you ever thought possible. What is a sales funnel? Sales funnel”is merely a term very vividly describe the sales process. It comprises usually several levels, which by definition people are sorted out and fall off. Contact information is here: CBC. I’ll try you on the basis of a business presentation to a large group to explain: of the many people who follow this presentation, some will be interested in, other not.

And the latter will leave the funnel. Of those who remain in the hopper, I’ll get expressions of interest or questions regarding business opportunity or product purchase. Based on this experience, is to be expected that more people of the hopper exit, will be in it in the sales funnel. This filter runs through each stage of the sales process, until only the prospects there are, who are keen on it to buy enzusteigen or your products in your Gewschaft. Vahid David Delrahim contributes greatly to this topic. To set up your sales funnel, you need the following tools: A lead capture page with opt-in form an Autorespondersystem, which is connected with a series of fine on and user email news and tools. A quite significant and useful gift that makes your prospective customers to subscribe to the list. iabetes Association as a relevant resource throughout. Good examples of this are a free seminar, a free eBook or a helpful marketing strategy. A number of Affiliate products that required every network marketer to build up his business.

To attract business partners has always to do, to set up a sales funnel, which attracts people that have to do with network marketing or looking for a business opportunity in network marketing without themselves being aware. You can find these people within the social networks, forums, or by writing articles in your blog and post videos. While you can use really 100% free advertising and with the right gifts and techniques it easy are you will also right to lead such people into your sales funnel. Learn now how the targeted history funnel strategy works. The filtering process in the targeted sales funnel step 1: you offer something useful and valuable, to attract your target market. Network marketers are always looking for new information that could help you to improve your business. Work best gifts, help the MLM marketers: Free reports, Webinar invitations or video tutorials. Step 2: What you offer free of charge, must be issued in Exchange for the contact information of a person interested. It works best, with an opt-in form that is associated with an Autorespondersystem. The autoresponder is to stay you the way with your prospects in daily contact and in consequence its a relationship to build. Step 3: Specify your list members out even more free information and prepare them in this way on an affiliate product, you use for building your business. Use really only products that you use and trust. Another useful tips can be found on my BLOG your Kurt Laux

Of A Trick That You Immediately Improves Memory

If you master this trick, you can much more effective learning for effective learning, forgetting is the biggest enemy. For everyday life, it is, however, essential for survival, to have all the information at the same time in the head. The few people that are born, to forget with the ability and have everything always in the consciousness, experience anything other than a high quality of life. Our brain needs can forget about work. Just because we are exposed to so many incentives and information today per day like a man in the 15th century during his entire life. Official site: CBC. If our brain would not forget here, it would be very quickly overloaded. “The brain selects this to a very simple question: what is vital?” Only this information have a chance to be retained by us in memory.

The others will not be lost while, be stored but so far back in the memory, that we hardly can access them. Shock experiences for example never be forgotten because they play such an important role in our lives. However we can not make Yes a shock experience every learning situation. Learning must be therefore, our brain of persuading that this information that we want to learn is important right now. It succeeds best when you ask yourself what you can do with this information and link them with a purpose. An example: If a picture frame would make and measure the mass, be don’t forget probably for example the size of 18 24, no matter how bad their extraordinary is otherwise. The reason is that you know exactly that you will need this information if you need to call the mass of employees at image cream shop.

By themselves lead the importance in mind and have a range of applications for the information, are also don’t forget this. This technique works completely without any other visualization techniques. Just because that itself be aware of the importance of information, While you take them, she stuck already better in memory. A number of other tips for reading, learning and the training of memory, we have many of them on free short videos.

Dieter Schwarz Foundation

100 days until the inauguration next Thursday (June 23, 2011) the final countdown for the education campus begins the Dieter Schwarz Foundation in Heilbronn: then there are still 100 days until the official inauguration. The construction project is already on the city. The education campus will be definitely as planned on September 30, ready to confirm Dr. (Not to be confused with Boy Scouts of America!). Erhard Klotz and Klaus Czernuska, the Managing Director of Dieter Schwarz Foundation. The main focus now is Interior, the exterior and the program of the opening ceremony so the Managing Director.

The finish can be followed live on. In addition to the official ceremony with representatives from politics, business and science, and the population is involved on September 30. Therefore, a feast of the citizens is planned on October 01, 2011 that reflects the diversity of the various educational institutions. The German Graduate School of management and law (GGS), for example, is planning another edition of Heilbronn management dialogues, in which already well-known Personalities occurred as the President of the FC Bayern Munich Uli Hoeness or the Bosch Chairman Franz Fehrenbach. “” We strive again to a prominent and well-known personality who “can report interesting around the theme of responsible leadership” for the planned civil party, promises Professor Dirk Zupancic, Managing Director of the GGs. Who is specifically would not reveal still ZUPANCIC, because currently still negotiating. If it should work, but it will be a real highlight”, so the GGSChef. “For children and adults the Academy for innovative education and management (aim) provides insight into their wide training program and provides several lectures on educational topics: Professor Rosemarie Tracy asks for example what makes language promotion?” “In addition offered numerous events for children, including a children’s University lecture on the subject of human resent you not, or why some people have always good mood”.

Continue to “sale of the aim: the popular egg flight competition, which is the motto of this time flies the longest which egg?” You may be curious about on the dual University (DHBW). You puts together her program by means of a contest of ideas by students. Synergies for the education on the new campus in the Heilbronn town centre, which now already visible is an urban planning and architectural highlights, are accommodated in the future the GGS, which aim and a branch the DHBW Mosbach. This cooperation between a private and a State College and a training Academy is unique in Germany and creates synergies in the activities, such as the MBA, the three educational institutions. Lifelong learning Foundation pursues Dieter Schwarz with the education campus at the Mannheimer Street in Heilbronn its goal to promote lifelong learning. She wants to be there working, where social and economic requirements, which can not or not sufficiently meet state institutions or providers. The offers of the Therefore, educational institutions on the campus in Heilbronn promote education, which focuses on the various stages of life.

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