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AREAS of intervention of the technician’s job to define the scope of intervention of a technician it is necessary that we have understood their functions described in previous sections. Laboral insertion technician is not focused on a single mission, but it is a professional technician specializing in the promotion of employment. This entails, who works in those contexts where active face employment policies can be developed to improve their access. It therefore intervenes in those institutions or public or private entities in which employment measures are carried out. Finishing this course already, we have due go giving us account of how, in recent years, employment policies have been improved to meet the real needs of the population and improve access to employment and the quality of the same.

There are many entities that develop programs of training and employment, promotion of entrepreneurship, labour prospecting, etc, and in all these places is the technician for inclusion Labor. -Public sphere: within the public realm, through policies active employment of the European Union and of Spain, carried out numerous programs and projects for training and employment, in which the main figure is the technician of insertion. If we use the criterion of most common administrative organization have to differentiate several areas:-Local scope. It is the closest to the citizen and know their needs best. The T.I.L.

will perform their functions hired by a City Hall, in the departments of employment, youth, social services, women, or similar. On many occasions the local corporations will have autonomous agencies responsible for active employment policies, which will be those who hire the T.I.L. – Regional level. Understanding region as an autonomous community in the majority of cases. It’s regional employment services or placement agencies. The regional level is useful for covering areas where there is no service employment premises. Here we must include training and labour orientation (F.O.L.), dependent on the Ministry of education teachers and which carry out their work in secondary schools.