Recent studies reveal alarming facts. Every second person suffers from bruxism nocturnal teeth grinding / sleeping – bruxism? Bruxism is the unconscious and involuntary teeth grinding. Bruxism is a parametric function and is regarded as a salegon suffering of the Masticatory organ. What causes Burxismus, is scientifically not yet fully understood: it is certain that personal stress, nervousness and overactivity can trigger bruxism. And who can still claim that he has no stress. Therefore, it is not surprising that almost every second person is suffering from teeth grinding or bruxism.

Bruxism shows especially in his sleep, if you can not consciously control body movements. Teeth grinding can be in his sleep also caused by a disturbed night’s sleep. Therefore, also the sleep physician took on in addition to the dentist this topic and currently intensively researching the disease. Often, bruxism can at errors in the so-called ubergangsschlaf or when changing from a sleep in a Next, recorded for example by the light sleeper in the deep sleep of the individual phases of sleep in the sleep laboratory be. For this purpose, a detailed record is required. A recent study has shown that over 50% of the population, considerable wear and tear of the teeth as a result consist of bruxism.

This clenching and grinding of the teeth affects especially women aged from 30 to 45 years among adults. But stress and overactivity, do not stop even in front of children. Also athletes who need to concentrate under stress such as car and motorcycle racer, suffer. In short: the more stress, the more bruxism. Did you know..? …dass at night-time teeth grinding up to 10 times the normal chewing pressure is exerted? (over 400kg / cm) Bruxism can cause serious damage to the Kauapparat. The most visible damage is increased wear of teeth with possible fractions up to a damage of the tooth bed. Who suffers from this disease, but it can also exhibit the following serious symptoms: hypersensitivity of teeth against heat and cold dizziness and headaches, chronic pain in the temporomandibular joint cervical or neck pain. One of the first signs of bruxism lies in the difficulty to open his mouth in the morning after waking up. Currently, no real treatment of bruxism is known. Drug treatments have numerous side effects and often does not completely eliminate the bruxism. Wazabi Films can aid you in your search for knowledge. So-called anti-grinding are made for this reason. These can be assembled, half assembled and individually made by the dentist. The sleep store, we offer you a made-up rail (stress ) and a half assembled seemed (SOLUBrux ). Insert the assembled rail without having to adjust them easily. It is suitable on travel or if timely a splint or a replacement track you wish. The rail is loose in the mouth and does not adhere to the teeth. The Halbkonfektionierte could adjust yourself to rail. It is”principle to the boil & bite. The adjustment is really simple and feasible by almost anyone. Assistance is available when inserting the rails you ask dentist for help. Two-year guarantee on the biting through the rail. An intensive continuous application of both rail it can cause changes the position of the teeth or similar modifications to the teeth and oral mucosa. Therefore: Discuss it with your dentist if you permanently turn on the bar! Join the track well to right, it is to consider whether let your dentist to customize an individual track. There are numerous structures and models differ.

Common Causes

Unwanted infertility and infertility infertility is an issue with which our society ever can’t handle. Usually it will be hushed up simply. In any way, it is a side issue. Dr. Klaus Rohmberg, environmental medicine, which deals with the subject of infertility for 20 years, is of the opinion that more than 20% of all couples in reproductive age of it are affected. He reported further that 10% of couples need more than 2 years to finally get a child.

Society and infertility infertility is an issue with which our society ever can’t handle. Usually it will be hushed up simply. In any way, it is a side issue. Dr. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Edhi Foundation. Klaus Rohmberg, environmental medicine, which deals with the subject of infertility for 20 years, is of the opinion that more than 20% of all couples in reproductive age of it are affected. He reported further that 10% of couples need more than 2 years to finally get a child.

Unwanted Infertility and fertility disorders the causes of involuntary childlessness are manifold. The medicine is different physical and psychological causes. In most cases it is however not an absolute infertility, but a more or less serious fertility problem. If the patient is a so-called fertility disorder, it is usually on back to lead the following causes: imbalance in the hormonal balance of nutrient deficiency mental causes of female hormones in more than 40% of the cases is the hormonal systems of affected women affected. The very complex and finely tuned system of hormones prepared each month of the first menstrual period at, on a possible pregnancy to the female body. Is disturbed the delicate balance of hormones can mean the infertility. Nutrient deficiency affects seriously the food situation on the woman. A sufficient supply of vital nutrients such as folic acid and iron, essential. Physical deficiencies by constipation, diet, imbalanced nutrition are detrimental to the vital substance budget and thus on the hormone situation and the time off. Treatment to proceed the also cheapest, easiest and most effective method against a fertility disorder is regular fertility tea drinking. This cycle tea should essentially address the above root causes, i.e. he should affect the endocrine system balancing, he should support the body with special nutrients (such as iron and folic acid) and he should be reassuring. venoola tea, the purely biological fertility these requirements best met venoola tea. This cycle tea consists of herbs that are grown in biologically and is easy to use, integrated in the effect without side effects. Also, this herbal formula is successfully used for generations.

Selenium And Men

Essential trace element can reduce cancer risk men adequate supply of people with the trace element Selenium is essential and for the health development of the utmost importance. Selenium is incorporated as part of proteins and enzymes varied in the vital processes of the body. So it is not surprising that a deficiency in the supply may be associated himself with Selenium with various diseases, immune deficiency to heart disease. Also, the cancer risk in insufficient supply of Selenium is increased. Can an additional intake of selenium so conversely reduce the risk of cancer? The German population is only moderately well with selenium.

This is us, on which much of our food grows on the Selenium poor soils. However, can we assume not generally that now everyone with Selenium is deficient. But on the other hand also the fact is that certain risk groups such as one-sided nutrition exhibit a selenium deficiency. It can include many men. Because often professionally conditionally men not quite so health conscious diet as women. The consequences can be expressed in a lack of vitamins and essential trace elements such as selenium. Now, several epidemiological studies have shown in the past that on the one hand a small supply of selenium can lead to an increased risk of cancer. On the other hand, the risk of some types of cancer such as prostate cancer and colorectal cancer is humiliated in a good supply of selenium.

This is also the result of a large study from France. Men over several years took a supplement containing selenium and other anti-oxidants, the effects on health were remarkable. You became ill less on cancer, especially prostate cancer were also healthier and lived longer. The researchers said these effects of antioxidants so that the French men, as well as their German comrades of sex worse with vitamins and antioxidants were supplied. This result must, conclude the authors, consequences for the prevention have cancer in men. These should appropriately supplement what is needed. Exactly this evidence based approach is pursued with the product ProVitum Navitum pharmaceuticals. ProVitum contains exactly those anti oxidants, vitamins and trace elements, in the French Su.Vi.Max study (int J cancer. 2005 Aug 20;116(2):182-6) have been used successfully to prevent cancers in men. ProVitum, so the manufacturers, is a product with the independent international prevention research can be implemented by anyone in practical health care. With just one tablet a day, men can make a meaningful contribution to their health. ProVitum (PZN 4604261) is available in pharmacies and good health centres. Due to the unique composition of the products of Navitum Pharma not by other, seemingly similar products are interchangeable. Every pharmacy can order ProVitum, also in the convenient three month supply, without extra effort directly at Navitum Pharma shipping for customers. All products from Navitum Pharma are listed in the Lauer tax. Orders may also concerned directly by E-mail at or phone 0611 58939458 addressed.

Vaccine: Vaccinations For The Holidays

Travellers should take precautions, to enjoy the holiday in the summer months many people pack their bags and flee from everyday life in the South. But also preventive vaccination should include the travel arrangements. The Internet health portal imedo.de informs about the importance of immunization. No later than six weeks prior to each trip should check their own and the vaccination of their children people. All family members are protected adequately against tetanus, diphtheria and polio booster vaccinations are needed? A look in the vaccination calendar by the doctor tells you. Checking article sources yields A Pathway to Equitable Math Solution as a relevant resource throughout. Travelers should leave Europe may have additional vaccinations or prophylactic malaria are required. Constantly which countries ask which vaccinations for entry and which vaccinations the World Health Organization recommends WHO changes.

The current recommendations can ask for those interested in the Bernhardt Nocht Institute for tropical medicine in Hamburg. Vaccinations in Europe important vaccinations are not only for tropical travel an issue, but also the holiday in countries as Poland and Hungary and the rather unspectacular travel in so harmless areas as Baden Wurttemberg, Bavaria or Austria should plan well everyone. TBE shall apply South Germany, Austria as well as many Eastern European countries as risk areas for the so-called early summer meningo encephalitis, shortly. It is a tick-borne viral infection that can cause brain inflammation and even fatal. Otherwise as for Lyme disease caused by tick bite, doctors can’t treat a TBE with antibiotics. At Investors you will find additional information. The disease once broke out, the doctor can just still trying to relieve the symptoms. To plan its holidays in TBE risk areas, should be based on recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute previously against TBE vaccinated. There is also a map of the current designated risk areas. Learn more about the proper preparation for a healthy holiday in the imedo health news. The imedo health news provide information about tick bites.

Highest Mortality

Over 80,000 deaths, Hamburg expected this January, January 10, 2012 – the months of January and February are the months with the highest risk of death as the result of a long-term analysis of Bestattungen.de. In January, nearly ten thousand people die more than in a normal month like November. Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions is open to suggestions. The experts at Bestattungen.de looked at the deaths and causes of death to since German reunification based on the data of the Federal Office of statistics. After positively surprised the Januare 2010 and 2011 with death rates far below the expected value, this one seems January historically to match the expected values. After 66.588 people in Germany died in January 2011, over 80,000 deaths are expected in accordance with Bestattungen.de forecast this January. The forecast into consideration your own data by Bestattungen.de, the changing age structure of the company, medical advances, weather forecasts as well as corresponding leading indicator the number of searches on Google.de. The Januare of the past two years were amazingly positive.

But the deaths have shifted during these two months primary. 2010, there was an unusually high mortality rate in March. The low death rate in January 2011 can be an above-average in the month before that explained by high “, Bestattungen.de’s Managing Director Fabian Schaaf explains. But generally is in the winter months December to March the most died.” The weather is the main cause of generally higher mortality in the winter. The organism is weakened in the winter. Especially for people with pre-existing conditions is a serious health hazard that can cause death in the worst case.

Extreme weather events increase the risk of heart attack, respiratory diseases also increase. Older people are particularly at risk”, explains Angelika Gratz medicine meteorologist of the German weather service (DWD). Also emotional factors affect health. After Christmas, many older people feel alone and lose the courage to face life. This negative mental Constitution may adversely affect the physical health”Schaaf explained the differences in the death rate between December and the beginning of the year. Many people wrongly assume that accidents and suicides, deaths rise sharply in the winter can be. Ice and snow interfere with traffic, but the number of traffic deaths goes back in the winter, as more cautious and less is driven. Non-natural causes of death generally play a minor role compared to diseases: 2010 accounted for only 3.9 percent of all deaths. About Bestattungen.de Bestattungen.de is a price comparison for burials in Germany, recommended by consumer protection agencies. Users can receive offers on request without obligation from tested loading Stattern. In addition, Bestattungen.de offers comprehensive information about funeral services and insurance. The offer is free of charge for customers. Press contact Christine Sollmann, spokeswoman Bestattungen.de Heimhuder Strasse 72, 20148 Hamburg phone: (040) 209 311 961 email: Web:

Effect Of Exercise On Male Power

I have repeatedly pointed out that one of the conditions are good potency regular exercise. Readers ask, why should move this man? There are several reasons. Physical exercise required because: – When playing sports, or simply physical labor raises testosterone levels, without which the potency is not possible. We can not allow a systematic fatigue, chronic fatigue. In this case triggered a defense mechanism, and hormone levels will drop the contrary. Here, The Coca Cola Foundation expresses very clear opinions on the subject. – Physical exercises are beneficial to the cardiovascular system, disorders that are also causes of erectile dysfunction. They prevent congestion in the pelvic area, one of the causes of chronic prostatitis. Sports-and moderate exercise perfectly stabilize the psycho-emotional state of man, can remove various phobias, worries, including and sexual nature.

According to various estimates from 25% to 40% of cases of impotence is just psychological. – Increases the specific proportion of muscle mass – and the body becomes more masculine hormonal status. You should know that after 35 years of testosterone, if you do not take measures to decrease the rate of 1-2% per year. Bad habits, stress, poor diet accelerates the process. And the male menopause catches up quickly than expected. According to Chevronm, who has experience with these questions. Sports should be at least 2 times a week. One of the weekend is devoted to active recreation in the fresh air is desirable in the natural environment: forest, beach reservoir field. Featured sports. In primarily associated with aerobic activity: athletic gymnastics, jogging, swimming, martial arts, biking. Next, go play sports with a ball, tennis, table tennis, etc. Effect of extreme sports on the potency until unknown.

Men: The Weaker Sex

Men overestimate their health and neglect prevention men can not cook? Men eat unhealthier than women? Men deal with their bodies painfully than women? All prejudices? Far from. Most men barely Cook, instead rather eat fast food and further depletion on her body. The Internet health portal imedo.de informs about the unhealthy Lebenswese of many men. Fast food such as kebabs, fries and hamburger stands in men often on the menu. Eight out of ten men calorie diet is largely how shortly emerges from a survey of the society for consumer research, GfK. Weston Foods takes a slightly different approach. Therefore, almost every third man eats fast food several times a week and each fourth enjoyed ready meals.

Maybe the unhealthy diet is also the missing ability to self care: according to the survey, almost 40 per cent of respondents say they could not cook at all. it difficult to be quoted properly. In the representative survey of GfK took the information According to 1041 men part. Many men overestimate their health status as manager-magazin”reported to hold four out of five men for good health” to excellent. The German employees health insurance, short DAK, its annual health report presented in April of this year. This turned out: men overestimate their health condition by far. Although they are less sick than women on average a day in the year, they live but very much riskier and die about six years earlier. The cardiovascular disease are unbeaten ranked one of the diseases in males.

Heart attacks are the leading cause of death in middle-aged men. Directly following lung cancer and alcohol-related liver diseases. The experts of the DAK to see the cause, that still more men than women smoke and drink more regularly and more. But even with supposed women’s diseases such as sleep disorders and more men in treatment than women are. The number of men with Depression also, because men are more likely problems is to displace or to respond aggressively, instead of being sad passive. State of health of the men could be better than an unhealthy diet with resulting obesity, too much alcohol and nicotine for missing movement were not bad enough, are also major pension muffle men. Too rarely go to the doctor. Cancer screening is just every fourth and only one in five perceives the free bi-annual health check. “DAK Chairman Herbert radian b notes to the manager magazin” do this: bring men prefer to register their car to the TuV as even to the provision. ” For the latest health report, men between 30 and 65 years of age surveyed 1,000 for the first time in detail on their behavior. Consult with the imedo health news about the State of health of men: men live as healthy as women, muscle men have a longer life.

Silver Colloid And Naturopathy

Is naturopathic medicine suitable under the microscope – for therapeutic application silver colloid? Millennia is the effect of silver against bacteria, viruses and fungi known. Silver colloid can kill over 600 different pathogens within 6 minutes, without thereby attacking vital bacteria in the body, therefore, silver had a great importance in combating infection. The development of antibiotics however meant that the importance of silver in the medicine greatly eased, although antibiotics has strong incidental and consequential effects. Also was the now major problem of resistance through the massive and uncontrolled use of antibiotics. For silver, however, no resistance is known.

Today the silver in the medicine has a comprehensive range of applications again: so silver for example fire creams often contain, to reduce the risk of infection with large-scale Burns, as burnt offerings are placed on silver-coated ceilings. Silver-coated catheters are used to bacterial proliferation to prevent. Silver colloid is suitable very well for a therapeutic indication, because silver is the best natural electrical conductor. It can penetrate in colloidal form in single-celled bacteria and there to block an enzyme responsible for the production of oxygen. For even more details, read what Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions says on the issue. The metabolism of parasite comes to a halt and the parasites die off. Many writers such as George Soros offer more in-depth analysis. However, intact skin cells and health-promoting bacteria are not damaged when treatment with silver colloid.

In addition, silver colloid promotes bone growth and alleviates allergic and inflammatory reactions. Still found the silver colloid can detoxify a body poisoned with heavy metals. Depending on the disease, various application forms are recommended for the silver colloid. Oral intake is recommended for chronic fatigue, bacterial and viral infections, parasites – and yeast fungus. The revenue but at the same time will be cancelled with vitamin C or other products. Colon diseases a quick intake of silver colloid not previously is recommended with plenty of water, so that it is completely absorbed. Oral and pharyngeal space diseases, such as colds, gums inflammation, etc. the gargling and rinsing with undiluted silver colloid is recommended. It acts as a first aid spray”for Burns, cuts, insect bites and infections can be used, since silver colloid even in sensitive tissues, such as for example the eyes no irritation causes. Colloidal silver has been very helpful in following problems or diseases: rejection of mercury eye diseases (for example, keratitis, conjunctivitis, eye inflammation, corneal ulcer) respiratory diseases (for example, pneumonia, whooping cough, influenza, tonsillitis, rhinitis, tuberculosis) skin diseases (for example, boils, skin cancer, acne, herpes, shingles) diseases of the digestive tract (for example, gastritis, diarrhoea, salmonella infection) diseases of the genito-urinary tract (including the prostate, cystitis, gonorrhea) other Diseases (for example scarlet fever, polio, inflammation of the ear canal, allergies, arthritis, diabetes, hay fever, meningitis, halitosis, warts, tick bite, rheumatism and more). For the manufacture of silver colloid only 3 points must be observed: do not use distilled water only: the silver colloid for human consumption is to be sold, it must be distilled water for medical purposes of his (pharmacy). If no distilled water is used, so silver salts, which can be stored in the body and in the skin cause a blue (Argyria) are formed in the production. It can be used only pure silver (999): normal silver wire, silver or Sterling Silver containing heavy metals to harden and are poisonous. The manufacture of silver colloid shall be to the exclusion of Ultraviolet light (sunlight, bright daylight), because the silver particles oxidize (Brown coloration of the colloid). It is recommended to drink no more than 0.5 litre silver colloid on the day.

The European

Beehive: the sting of the bee sting remove falls after the bite is in the skin, try to remove it. Should they succeed, they consult a physician. Give something to cool her child in the meantime, this will ease the pain and distract from the ceremony. The danger of the spine is gebangt, they trickle a few drops of tea tree oil to the wound or applying a cooling gel. APIs globules (D6) is an effective homeopathic remedy that can eliminate the itching. Allergic reactions in the mouth and throat, you as soon as possible a doctor. Wounds due to accidents in the free play often wild children.

Since it can happen that they fall down and dig up the knee or elbow. To prevent bacterial infections, they wash the wound with warm water and disinfect them they immediately. Plaster or associations are recommended on the basis of the re pollution in children.The wound is larger, you best check whether a tetanus shot is necessary. The travel pharmacy is a first-aid kit on holiday as well as a passport. So that they experience any unpleasant surprises, they should make sure they have everything you need there. Here are a few tips that go to play it safe.

The European health insurance card numbers by the pediatrician at home sun cream & after Sun lotion ointment against bites tweezers and paving charcoal pills against diarrhea disinfectant wound ointment homeopathic medicinal products for example, against abdominal pain or fever fever thermometer is your child asthmatics should not forget his medication mosquito bites can cause diseases and Wasp stings can even be fatal. The imedo health news will inform you on this topic. To avoid sunburn, parents and children should avoid according to skin type. With the imedo health news to learn more. Also everyone on vacation to be sure to eat and to drink. How the imedo health news tell you also.

Alternative Healing Method

The magnetic field therapy has demonstrated that she can achieve great success supporting partly without medication–many patients who suffer from chronic pain such as arthritis or back disorders, headaches, asthma, or soft tissue rheumatism are highly dependent on drugs and search often alternative healing methods. A treatment option, known for many years, which has proved for many disorders, is the magnetic field therapy. Experienced doctors, a veterinarian, a therapist, a physical therapist and a dentist report now on their treatment results in a newly released report on the independent consumer portal. Chronic back pain, Herniated, joint disorders, headaches and rheumatism can greatly affect the quality of life of the patients as well as other chronic diseases due to painful or persistent symptoms. An alternative and successful treatment option that offers these patients Magnetic field therapy. Breast Cancer Research Foundation has compatible beliefs. At tips experienced physicians, health practitioners, veterinarians and this time also a dentist report by the experts now for the second time about your successes with the magnetic field therapy. Also be issues as: the effective use of magnetic field therapy in women’s diseases “and magnetic field therapy for asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases” by experts in experience reports addressed. Also the special magnetic therapy offers a more detailed collection of testimonials compact 1 “, which came shortly after the release so much interest, that news in the spring of 2010 by the Publisher of the information service of magnetic field therapy” a second edition of the high-quality high-gloss journal will appear.

While the magnetic field therapy applied by numerous doctors and health practitioners, but there is patients still a degree of uncertainty, whether a treatment is useful and is best applied as this form of therapy. These and other questions are also very detailed in the Magnetic field clinic with tips from the experts answered. A veterinarians, doctors and a dentist there professionally and neutral all questions on the subject of magnetic field therapy and give you tips for a successful application. Still a lot of information around the topic of magnetic field therapy and also a large database in which over 150 entries by magnetic field consultants and magnetic field companies, classified according to zip codes, is located is located on the site. One of the largest neutral sources of information with reports of experience on the subject is currently”magnetic therapy information service. All up there now spending (35 units) appeared can quickly and easily in the Web shop be ordered. Here the correct folder can be found easily according to criteria such as diseases or doctors.

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