Federal Law

Persons who have purchased the first sporting firearm Shotguns and hunting rifles, if you receive a document certifying the right to hunt, are required by the community knowledge to be tested rules of safe handling of weapons in the organizations that have been granted this right by the Russian Government, through a program coordinated with the Ministry of Internal Affairs Federation. The license for the purchase of arms shall not be issued to citizens of the Russian Federation under the age set by law, not a medical conclusion about the absence of contraindications to the ownership weapon, having been convicted for premeditated crimes; serving a sentence for a crime, committed repeatedly within one year administrative offenses against public order or practice management; not have a permanent place of residence, not submitted to the police documents confirming the passage of knowledge validation rules of safe handling of weapons, and other documents referred to in this Federal Law. The list of diseases which are contraindicated in the presence of gun ownership is determined by the Government of the Russian Federation. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Kidney Foundation. Structurally similar to arms, air rifles, pistols and revolvers with a muzzle energy of not more than 3 J, signal pistols and revolvers caliber of 6 mm and ammunition to them that on the conclusion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation does not can be used as a fire-and gas weapons are purchased without a license and not registered. Citizens of the Russian Federation have the right to sell them located on the right of legitimate personal Property weapons entities licensed to trade in civil and service weapons or collecting or exhibiting weapons, a government paramilitary organizations notice to law enforcement bodies, their permits to keep and bear arms, as well as citizens with a license to purchase weapons, collecting or exhibiting, after re-arms in the internal affairs of the place of registration of this weapon. . For even more opinions, read materials from Children’s Defense Fund.

Groundbreaking Invention

The origins of the tin, as we know them today are, in 1804. By the time historical events, it came about that the French confectioner Nicolas Appert Francois the English invention of the tobacco tin or early-tin by the method of heat sterilization, now also known as canning or preservation, combined. The reason for this was a military strategic problem at the time: in battles or campaigns, it was customary substantial troops to plunder from surrounding farms to be deducted from the battlefield, allowing the remaining troops are frequently assured by several thousand meals. Napoleon sought finally to a solution to this problem and wrote a prize for a "food from storage. In a question-answer forum Professor of Internet Governance was the first to reply. The only condition was that the method had to be published in a book.

Sun invented Francois Nicolas Appert in 1804, the previously mentioned method, and in 1810 published his landmark book "Livre de l'Art de tous ls menagesou Conserver. Soon, this Method by the Royal Navy sailors on board of use. However, since the cans were soldered with lead at that time, there were some crews and expedition participants lead poisoning. It quickly became clear that Appert's method still needed some improvements. Today's cans are in contrast to the first observations of 1810 technically much more sophisticated. They are made of thin sheet steel with thickness of about 0.49 mm.

The surface of the can is by a hot dipping or electrolytically coated with tin. By this sealing, the sheet is protected from corrosion. In addition, modern food cans coated inside with plastic. This protects against that inflates the can and will roll crowning. The consumption of the contents of a Cambering could cause life-threatening poisoning, botulism.

The Child

The important point! If your marriage is dissolved, and the child is born within 300 days from the date of his termination, then the father will still be recognized by your ex-spouse. This rule continues to operate in the event of death of the husband the child's mother. Father of the child in these cases recognized the former spouse (deceased husband), mother child. Thus, the only condition for recognition of paternity person who is married, the birth of the child his wife is a record of marriage. Therefore, in the registry office shall enter the particulars of the father of the child in the act of recording the birth of the child to Based on the marriage certificate of parents of the child. In the event that a marriage between the parents of the child terminated, declared invalid by a court or if the spouse is the child's mother had died, respectively, but since the divorce, repeal or of the death of a spouse to the child's birth was no more than three hundred days, information about the father of the child in the act of recording the birth registry office shall be made on the basis of authority of a marriage certificate parents or other document confirming the state registration of marriage, as well as a document confirming the fact and time of the termination of marriage. In this case, often the client who did not want to write Birth certificate of the father of the former spouse, and 300 days have not passed, ask if you can conceal the fact of marriage, for example, came to register the child with a new passport without giving data on marriage and divorce. . .

San Nikandrov

" As is known, Estonia was the first and only country in Europe has become, not without the participation of local people, "free of Jews" (in German Judenfrei), as has been reported in Berlin in February 1942. David Schechter's unique "Jewish" community of the Italian village of San Nikandrov: – All members of the community – women. They are followers of Judaism, adhere to the laws of Halacha and consider themselves Jewish women, despite the fact that he never passed convert to Judaism. Brotherly Leader and leader of the revolution (the official title of Muammar Qaddafi) never ceases to amaze: – Riots in Libya began in the moment when the winner of the Order of Bogdan Khmelnitsky and Yaroslav the Wise Muammar Gaddafi was ready to meet the requirements of their former Jewish compatriots – to allow Jews reburied the remains of which are in mass graves, as well as solve problem of nationalized Jewish property. In Morocco, Jews ask for it back: – The head of the Jewish community of the Moroccan city of Marrakech Jackie Kadosh, lamenting the fact that Jewish tourists have stopped coming into the country, addressed to the consul of Israel to secure the repeal of previously issued warnings about the dangers of visits to Morocco.

The road map of Jewish Galicia – a review of the intellectual guide to the shtetl Galicia compiled culturologist Taras Wozniak. – The real place and role of shtetl in the Jewish world were not commensurate with their lowly status officially bear the corners at the back of empires. In the first issue of the official Zionist weekly for June 4, 1897 among the messages from Vienna, Paris and London have a note from Sambora, where it comes to addressing the Jewish workers to take part in local elections. In a provincial Stryj in 1930, there were five (!) Jewish football teams. And in the tiny Bolehove at the end of the XIX century. were published several Jewish magazines in different directions. Tape "It is not aliens" which won an Oscar for best short documentary tells the story of three children of refugees who managed to find in Israel a new home and new hope.

"Oscar", the authors obtained the film Strangers No More drew worldwide attention to the unique pedagogical experiment – Tel Aviv School of the Bialik-Rogozin, where together with the Jews and the Arabs are learning and the children of foreign workers. The newspaper NEWES '- organ of the Association of Jewish Organizations and Communities of Ukraine. Published since January 1991 edition highlights Jewish life in Ukraine in all its diversity, publishes materials on intercultural and interfaith dialogue and challenges the Jewish diaspora, including the CIS countries, analytical articles on the fight against xenophobia and anti-Semitism; highlights the situation in Israel and the Middle East, announced the news of Jewish literature and cinema with a Jewish theme. Distributed on the territory of Ukraine (more than 300 Jewish communities and organizations in dozens of cities, public authorities and private individuals)

Employer Workers

Fire in such cases should be directly at the exit of the employee to work after a vacation or sick days. If an employee is dismissed in violation of this requirement law, that such termination would be unlawful. With the written consent of the employee the employer has the right to terminate the employment contract before the expiration of two months by paying the employee an additional compensation in the amount of average earnings for the time remaining until expiration of notice. After the expiration of two months to prevent employee is dismissed by order, to which the workers are familiar under the painting. On the last day of the employer must give the employee work record (as per records of dismissal), other documents related to work and make final payment to the employee. Employer must be remembered that the forthcoming reduction in addition to the employee must inform the elected body of primary trade union organization, not later than two months prior to the relevant activities, and if the decision to reduce the number of workers or staff may result in multiple firing of workers – not later than three months before the start of the event. If the organization of elected trade union body is not, the employer has the right to initiate measures to reduce the number of workers or staff (ie, to warn employees about the impending dismissals), immediately after the relevant rulings of the workers to be dismissed. On the decision to reduce staff employer must also notify the local employment service offices.