Russian Federation Authority

For example, it is possible in providing statements or information, which therefore can be provided at the request of an unlimited number of persons. Obtaining government services directly to an individual with EDS. In this case, the applicant must own the certificate, key signature, in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law 'On E digital signature '. Get more background information with materials from Komen for the Cure Reserch Program. In this situation, the individual becomes an organ of state authority or local authority via the Internet, using data from a Universal Smart Card (or inserting the Universal Smart Card into the machine that reads the information in remote machines), and signed his signature a document created in electronic form. At the same time to their treatment (application, request), created in electronic form and signed by the signature, the applicant may attach other electronic documents, which also signed a digital signature (which is possible only if not required to submit original documents or certified copies in the prescribed manner of the originals). For example, the option of obtaining public services is possible when the public authority or local authority enough information, signed by the applicant. Obtaining government services directly by an individual with a notary. If for any reason for government services is required to provide original documents, certified copies of them, to get the service electronically, even as the owner of the certificate key signature, it is impossible. However, under current legislation, in some cases, verification of documents and possibly in electronic form. To provide such an opportunity notaries need to change certain provisions of the Fundamentals of Russian Federation legislation on notaries.

Employer Workers

Fire in such cases should be directly at the exit of the employee to work after a vacation or sick days. You may wish to learn more. If so, Boy Scouts of America is the place to go. If an employee is dismissed in violation of this requirement law, that such termination would be unlawful. With the written consent of the employee the employer has the right to terminate the employment contract before the expiration of two months by paying the employee an additional compensation in the amount of average earnings for the time remaining until expiration of notice. After the expiration of two months to prevent employee is dismissed by order, to which the workers are familiar under the painting. On the last day of the employer must give the employee work record (as per records of dismissal), other documents related to work and make final payment to the employee. Employer must be remembered that the forthcoming reduction in addition to the employee must inform the elected body of primary trade union organization, not later than two months prior to the relevant activities, and if the decision to reduce the number of workers or staff may result in multiple firing of workers – not later than three months before the start of the event. If the organization of elected trade union body is not, the employer has the right to initiate measures to reduce the number of workers or staff (ie, to warn employees about the impending dismissals), immediately after the relevant rulings of the workers to be dismissed. On the decision to reduce staff employer must also notify the local employment service offices.

The Child

The important point! If your marriage is dissolved, and the child is born within 300 days from the date of his termination, then the father will still be recognized by your ex-spouse. This rule continues to operate in the event of death of the husband the child's mother. Father of the child in these cases recognized the former spouse (deceased husband), mother child. Thus, the only condition for recognition of paternity person who is married, the birth of the child his wife is a record of marriage. Therefore, in the registry office shall enter the particulars of the father of the child in the act of recording the birth of the child to Based on the marriage certificate of parents of the child. In the event that a marriage between the parents of the child terminated, declared invalid by a court or if the spouse is the child's mother had died, respectively, but since the divorce, repeal or of the death of a spouse to the child's birth was no more than three hundred days, information about the father of the child in the act of recording the birth registry office shall be made on the basis of authority of a marriage certificate parents or other document confirming the state registration of marriage, as well as a document confirming the fact and time of the termination of marriage. In this case, often the client who did not want to write Birth certificate of the father of the former spouse, and 300 days have not passed, ask if you can conceal the fact of marriage, for example, came to register the child with a new passport without giving data on marriage and divorce. . .