We return to the point of departure, we take more weight or even reached the obesity. Our body reacts well, preventing to survive.Humanity, after having suffered during thousands of years of food scarcity and malnutriciones has created a wonderful and amazing adaptation to these topics. The body is able to significantly reduce their needs, is programmed to resist gaps and prepare reservations automatically. Swarmed by offers, Cancer Research Institute is currently assessing future choices. What should we do? – avoid attacking the body, with restrictions (inappropriate diets) – eat without suffering, not stay with hunger-balanced diet-create and respect the good eating habits. The importance of the Habitosdebemos know that eating habits are anchored in us. We build them with the family, religious, social influence, etc., some we can adapt them and others on the other hand, are out of a conscious decision. Others including health organizations, offer their opinions as well. There are familial habits (family and culture) very rooted, others related to the social environment, finally, provided or appearing in adulthood (malleable), they can be modified or deleted with ease.Consequently, we cannot speak of predefined categories, longer than that for an individual can be malleable, to another could be rooted. To take into account seriously: with fad diets, miracle or quick, we can lose weight and prevent weight, however not only loses fat from the reserves, but also muscles, accordingly, is numbed metabolism and prepares the way for the reconstruction of the fat when abandon the diet, because our body uses the calories of poorly. We then reflect that so that our perfect machine works optimally we should keep the balance, it is possible to lose weight and prevent weight extra forever with a right attitude, simply modifying some behaviors and making good choices, we managed to change habits that we will benefit not only the task of losing weight, but in all ares of our life, with the harmony needed to be healthy and happy..