Improved Day Alert

easyStandby, planning of service times the Freiwillige Feuerwehr Ebersberg introduces worldwide the mobile system of easyStandby, to the planning of call times, for the first time. easyStandby creates security in planning for fire brigades, which are dependent on the use of volunteers. FireCheckIn is part of the easyStandby system, which is specially adapted to the needs of firefighters. Aimed at the development of easyStandby to support relief and emergency organizations in ensuring a reliable day alert. The HR has a detailed overview of the personal situation of the team – especially before inserts -. This can be countered in a timely manner and gained valuable time in the application personnel shortages. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Cancer Research Institute. Crucial time that can save lives.

The fire brigade of Ebersberg proves openness for a future-oriented solution that has the potential to be the new standard with the introduction of the improved availability system. Availability issue modern solved the easyStandby solution idea randomly at the honorary theatre project “Biedermann and the arsonists”. There met Uli Proske, Commander of the fire brigade of Ebersberg and Martin Geisler, founder of easyStandby and got to talking. The Ebersberger Commander there gave the decisive impulse and was later instrumental in the development of the version “FireCheckIn” adapted specifically to fire brigades. From the outset, Pandey said a widespread problem which he wanted to like to have caused for himself and his team: “even if spoken under the fire brigades do not like about it, white often not exactly you expect how many comrades”. Especially during commute many volunteers in other cities and are therefore available for use not available. Commitment of the helpers of the newly introduced system significantly improves the availability planning. Everyone was limited, so far on individual agreements can now be his personal connection and Absences capture regardless of time and place.

“Now I get notified automatically even in advance about a lower cast via SMS and can initiate timely measures,” explained Pandey. The operation is intuitive and gives all parties insight into the number of actually available forces. An important aspect is also to motivate volunteers in their commitment. Live overview of the system, you can see clearly when and how an individual still can get involved. Data protection and media independence the entered data are displayed always anonymized and therefore allow any conclusions regarding possible life habits. The privacy of the worker is therefore maintained. The user can easily update their data via Internet, phone and SMS. For various charities suited the system of Ebersberg company is suitable in addition to voluntary fire brigades also for other relief and rescue organizations. These include, for example, the technical relief organisation, civil protection, Rettungshundestaffel, water rescue, pastoral care services or transport services. easyStandby a self-developed web app enables the optimal planning of staff availability. Specially designed for auxiliary and emergency organizations, which relies on the commitment of a large number of volunteers.

Germany Network

CROWN co-branding solutions Ltd. (Similarly see: Center For Responsible Lending). launching new co branding package for proprietary telephone networks who previously successfully active implementer CROWN enters co-branding credit card is now available with a new telephone network product on the market. Companies that own the a private telephone network, with its own freely selectable network operator name (instead of vodafone or T-Mobile) SIM cards (of course in your own corporate design) want to set up, are from now on us at the right address. The advantage but is in detail”, so the marketing by CROWN because end users later using the SIM card of the co branding partners, can call roamingkostenfrei in 63 countries. In addition a KundenPage will be the companies that opt for a private telephone network, available, where charges of the cards shall be made and orders online can be done also here in the corporate design of appropriate partners”. The mobile operators’ the co-branding partners say a premium access Crown received, to to all active SIM cards your customers manage and possibly distributors also profitable industry with the product. An airline, the IBA’s international management consultancy, as well as several small companies from the telecommunications and mobile phone division from Germany and Austria have already signed network operator contracts.

Requests from humanitarian organisations are already, that additional donations by call charges and the SIM card fee want to achieve through this new CROWN product. The total time for a monitoring of the company’s own network is country-dependent, so CROWN. Varies between 2 weeks and 3 months, according to country and the corresponding mobile radio prefix, which should have its own corporate network. The best co-branding – Starter package is already this co-branding for almost any type of company or service in question in the context of product promotion for the new co-branding from 990 euro implementation costs offered thus comes the future operator. Can even Start-Up companies This budget in the case of rule making to tackle their business success way with new innovative ideas”explains the product management of CROWN. All information about the company’s telephone networks are now available under. Free callback options and discussions in German language available since Dec 1, 2009. Telephone network-co-branding information: telephone cobranding.html Prepaidkreditkarten-co-branding-details: money-transfer-prepaidcobranding.html

An IT Janitor In Furth Ensures User Satisfaction In The Region

New partner in the nationwide IT-service-net Jahn and the nationwide IT service net stand for flexibility and a customer-oriented philosophy of work. His company provides its business customers a low-cost and at the same time high-quality IT service. Course is a diverse range of services, including repairs, training, consulting, IT security and all measures aimed at the security and the breaking of all IT equipment.These services can especially smaller companies benefit. Experience has shown that the IT-field is increasing in many companies is neglected. Often, something must be done first to recall the importance of the EDP in the consciousness of those involved. Already a virus attack or data loss can bring the operating difficulties. Also here are legal provisions (protection of business-relevant data) to comply. IT service W.Jahn offers its services to successfully stave off dangers for the operation and takes over the tasks one, possibly missing, internal data processing specialists.

But to a lot cheaper and always responsive. After consultation with the client the company one IT offers complete service. This is a care package consisting of maintenance agreements, warranty extensions and data backup. The company carries out repairs and brings IT up to date ensures that internal company data are consistently protected from viruses and other intruders. Under the motto of Green IT “Jahn cares about the health of its customers. Printers, copiers and fax machines to recirculate the Office air. This significantly increases the density of particles in the environment. By attaching appropriate filter and regular cleaning operations, the skilled person reduced this unhealthy emissions by up to 92%.

In regions with tourism, the theme of free Internet access wins”increasingly important. Hotels, campsites and other facilities must provide Internet access. IT service W.Jahn sets up so-called free HotSpots. These are for the HotSpot user always free of charge and for the HotSpot operator cost. IT service W.Jahn pursues the principle of rapid and comprehensive help moderate prices. The company offers service from the printer to the PC, everything from a single source, essentially eliminates the additional technicians and thus saves costs. More information: due to the growing importance of the issues of health and safety the network strengthened its ranks and offering opportunities for lone and founder in the IT industry. Interested in a collaboration be integrated to provide an optimal service in the target group of companies. You can see also the closest partner company here. Jahn/ITSN

Fred Babaria

Thus these goals a every employee can be, they need to know of course once where the journey should go. This requires a corresponding communication, such as regular team rounds, but even the proverbial curb conversation”, a common trip, or the relaxed dinner and what there is else at joint talks. The successful completion of the driving instructor training in a driving instructor training facility is the one – then the company to integrate into the driving instructor, so that he feels responsible for his driving school, is the other important page. How is the driving part of it all? Driving instructors often see not the connection between their content and revenue in the driving school, driving lesson prices in particular. At all often lack an understanding of economic interrelationships in the driving school. And so comes it, is a low wage employees complaining that seriously proposes his driving principals however, prices to lower, because it has indeed made the competitors. When he is not himself on the idea that he will earn more as soon as he brings are also more in customer acquisition, then it must be explained to him and lived. And this awareness of the responsibility for the overall success of the school may remain no unique matter while there is an ongoing process for the perfection of its employees (this applies equally to the Office Assistant).

It can’t hurt so, the staff over and over again the insight to spark that many satisfied customers are essential for a good income. The blunt message to is: who does something extraordinary, to afford also extraordinary! And the staff understands that and certainly want to, but don’t know how? Will receive all necessary support in terms of content, methodology and human! By the way, accessable, which get the employees at the beginning of your activity also in writing, have so in some cases proved to be great help. Apart from objectives and instructions, the accounting of the results and the honest feedback play a role should not be underestimated; It should not be saved with praise and recognition. Criticism is necessary, it flows into the private in solution-oriented proposals. So the driving school achieved the operating climate that he wishes for his company and the employees feel the necessary sense of belonging. It so worth to pay great attention to the already existing potential and so personnel development is within the company always accompanied by qualifications and motivation of existing employees.

The good instructors demand currently. It will rise even further in the next years due to structural changes, because the average age of FahrlehrernInnen is just under fifty years in Germany. The driving industry requires professional talent. That emboldened may, the deal with the thoughts wear to make the job of their dreams become reality. To learn more about the profession of the pedagogical and personal and legal prerequisites for the driving instructor training, can inform themselves: driving instructor training / Fred Babaria

Product Tracking

Guarantee for quality, efficiency and safety in the production of mailing that control, supervision, tracking are quite ambivalent terms has long been a truism. When it comes to all-round monitoring but, the hackles resist each probably instinctively. -Not for nothing is one of “Big Brother is watching you” from George Orwell’s masterpiece “1984” the most widely used quote classics… Letter shop customers have absolutely no problem with control, monitoring and tracking. On the contrary, that in a sense an electronic Anklet is created the mailings commissioned by them, it inspires total. Please visit PCRM if you seek more information. Because if the letter shop of your confidence guaranteed the detailed product tracking, this complete monitoring of the entire workflow offers the guarantee that all elements of the mailings – process correctly personalize up to the envelope.

A great advantage: The principal of the mailings can intervene directly in the production process, by, for example, deciding to proceed as with incorrect addresses is. In such a case, there is namely the ability to produce the mailing or to send a follow-up mailing. Boy Scouts insists that this is the case. When it comes to ensuring the quality of the mail items in its entirety, to high requirements and short delivery times, product tracking as an incorruptible control instrument is therefore essential. ield. The ‘why’ should be clear, therefore equal to the ‘how to’: for the system run the machine-readable data printed on all components of the mailer be cameras automatically captured and transmitted to PC controller for evaluation. Which is made possible exact Kameraabgleich by a continuous numbering system using code numbers as well as a bar – or data matrix code. Unlike the sequence numbering can bar and data matrix code sensitive customer information secure, and decrypt, can be used also for the evaluation of the response.

The exact Kameraabgleich allows the lettershop specialists very soon to recognize production-related failures. The mailing customer receives upon request for information about such disturbance a detailed packet protocol. Important to know: this is not a problem also for externally processed, i.e. personalized by contractors and provided mailing orders for the lettershop team. In any case, an inserting operation can be logged consistently use correctly eingetakteten in the letter shop product tracking for example. For demanding clients and solution-oriented active lettershops, who both rely on highest quality, efficiency and safety, the persecution of the product in the production of intelligent and successful mailings counts for a fixed therefore. That professionalism and absolute reliability are indispensable requirements for this purpose, it of course.

With The Purchase Of Events

Hoveler + Nagy identified savings with the purchase of operating festivals, trade fairs, meetings and similar events many companies regularly carry out major events for its employees, investors and (not yet-) customers. In most companies, there is however no Department for the purchase of events. The savings, which often still rest are correspondingly large. “Against this background, Hoveler management consultancy specializing in the purchasing management has + Nold Consulting GmbH (HNC), Dusseldorf, a new range of services events buy a price value” developed. Boy Scouts of America shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. This aims to develop strategies to optimize the purchasing of events regardless of whether it is annual general meeting or press conferences, dealer – field staff days, exhibition or Conference appearances, employee meetings or corporate parties with the managers in the company. The target can both be spending to cut, as well as from the existing budget more to get out”, such as HNC – CEO Dr.

Bernhard Hoveler stressed. Determine the HNC experts for selected events at the shopping check: who what of whom at what price in what quantity purchases? Because often there are several users in the company such as marketing, sales and corporate communications, shopping independently event-related services. Therefore, the purchasing volume is unknown. Also how to spread the costs on such trades such as catering, technology and creative services in detail, no one knows. This is not apparent in part also from the Bills. Therefore the HNC experts in a second step in the dialogue with the responsible departments and the shopping order line items the different branches of a procurement group tree”Microspots trades to. Won as an overview of the volume of purchase and the apportionment of costs for the selected events, meet with representatives of the Department of procurement experts of HNC and Buyers of the events at a workshop.

In it they determine what concrete savings exist and how this can be achieved together. For example, through a restructuring of supplier relations, aimed at not more of all trades from the planning up to the set design for a full service provider”to buy. Or through the establishment of agencies – and supplier pool, so that a wide call for tender can be. In addition to the external price benchmarking, often also an internal review of rates paves the way for savings according to Hoveler. Because often the departments buy similar event services at different prices. Achieve through internal price comparisons quick wins can often”. A further lever can be if the company would not even buy the trades, to transfer this task of the Agency. This coordination agency’ then acts as a trustee for the purchasing company. The feasibility of this solution is tested in the workshop. Created after the workshop Hoveler + Nagy a documentation, in addition to the savings potential for selected events also the paths are pointed out, to realize this. If desired shopping specialists of HNC, the company also help implement the measures defined. For more information about the range of services events price value buy”get interested companies.

March Customers

V. in Berlin. Applications were informally requested by email to. With our advocacy, we want the honorary consulting in Germany based on international models – as for example in the United Kingdom or the United States – advance.”argues Kai Drabe, also co-founder of the initiative. Due to the financial crisis and the current political efforts for an improvement of the financial advice the course despite critics from our point of view has been irrevocably set.” As the honorary consulting in Germany set will establish itself in the coming years with significantly increasing market share. In particular for the period after the election of the Federal Government we expect further legislative measures and therefore be convened our second nationwide Honorary Advisor Summit in Berlin on November 19, 2009.” Follow a separate invitation in a timely manner. “Thomas Abel performs: the establishment of fee-based financial advice by intensive public relations work, the ongoing dialogue with the political bodies and the promotion and coordination of technical exchange of all experts and associations belong to our work.” The settlement in Berlin was due to the close proximity to the political institutions and the media of great benefit.

Ulf Niklas explains: we offer our members a free newsletter, participation at specialised events and now also the inclusion in the planned public directory information. We will post more information soon.” Unchanged to hope on the accession of further members. On the home page at can anyone print out the appropriate preamble and sign. The greater our advocacy, the more ear we can us in politics and economic gain. “, as Ulf Niklas continue. Also private customers are already Member the nationwide initiative. It should be always imperative to hear the opinion of the customers and to implement. It is easy for the honorary consultant, after all, only the customer is his employer.” On the initiative of qualified and independent fee consultant”: the initiative has formed in the framework of the quality offensive undertaken by the Federal Ministry of consumer protection consumer finance in March 2009. It aims in particular, to establish the honorary consulting in Germany and also to ensure a high quality in this. Thus, valuable for customers and high standards will be used in the fledgling industry.