Sharing Feelings And Giving Feedback

I'm glad that you are a teacher of my son. " From these examples you can see that it is very important to find a personal language for their feelings. Say not "The presentation was good" (it sounds more condescendingly), and "I really liked your presentation. Cancer Research Institute may find this interesting as well. Share feelings It would be nice if we had to share only positive feelings. But the frustration, fear and anger for many of us are an integral part of professional life. Useful in such situations will not repression, neglect or implicit expression of feelings and sincere words.

Examples: The appearance of the negative feelings at work Frustration: "Last year we talked about the possibility of my promotions department. You put me on the form, at the next opportunity I can to lead the project. And today I learn that the freed-up project manager receives Mr. R. You know, I'm not only surprised by this, but also disappointed.

I would like to know what contributed to this decision and once again talk to you about the possibilities of my progress in the company. " Fear: "I noticed that the our meetings, we mostly deal only with urgent problems. Meanwhile, I fear that by focusing exclusively on everyday matters, we lose sight of the whole and timely opportunity to prioritize for the future. I would suggest to stick for future-oriented direction Anger:" This morning when we were at the boss, you have repeatedly answered questions that were asked me. I got the impression that you wanted to switch attention to themselves, despite the fact that the charge of the project, I am. I am very angry because of this. I do not want to show it to the client, but now I want to clarify this "Despite the fact that we are talking about different themes and feelings in the construction of these statements, there are parallels. They follow the rules adopted for speech expressing your feelings. This involves not only the clear and understandable terms, their feelings, but also about finding explanations, solutions and improvements.