It Was Once In Asgard. Thor

Where did Thor his magical hammer? Mjolnir, is the name of Thor’s magical hammer. The dwarves Brokk and Sindri created him once from Uru ore. He is magical, because he hits always his target and then back to Thor, and only to Thor, returns. At work Brokk, to be, been stung legend, in the eye song what and the Hammerschaft fell short. The giant Thrym robs the hammer and calls the goddess Freyja as bride in return. Freyja refused to do so, Thor as a bride is dressed in the realm of the Giants.

Mona falls out and put the hammer in the womb, an ancient custom to the sign of blessing of the bride. Hardly, Thor holds the hammer back in his hands, he slays the giant and his kin. Victorious, he returned to Asgard. The hammer had his last engagement as Thor for the third time encountered the Midgard serpent. He was slain while with Mjolnir, died after nine steps but even the poison of the serpent. Mjolnir also considered emblematic for Thor.

Found mainly in Iceland and South – Central Scandinavia to him in old settlements or tombs of the ninth and tenth centuries. You wore it at the time as an amulet around the neck. Also today to get Thor hammer amulets. Historical precedent or innovative new designs. To get it from all kinds of materials, such as bone, Horn, or bronze. And of course as silver jewelry. He is borne most, to show inner strength and vigour or to demonstrate solidarity with each other. Worn in Northern Germany and Scandinavia, the hammer expressed mostly cultural ties. And some people expressed just interested in the history of the Vikings with the wearing of Thor Mjolnir. SID Kroker