My eyes are tired of flickering trees and I began to look forward. Far away on the darkened road hump. Thought: "wally-driver lost something." Tubercle and the bus driver said. He slowed down and took the car at low speed. Left about 100 meters – and suddenly bump stirred, then sat up, alert. What kind of animal? Dog? No! Rather – a cat, but it is very big! Muzzle is round, with a visible ears. Lynx? But no tassels on the ears. This was the Amur forest cat.

Bowl it simply styled "wild cat". Evil beast looked at us (now on his forehead were visible two light parallel stripes, which stretched from the inner corner of eye to the back), quickly twisted and jumped on side of the road and disappeared into the thick forest. Flashed in my head: "Not gone!" While the cat's limbs are rather long, but the beast is not adapted to the movement for more snow: a support area is small clutches, and the body is massive, and walking, when the load on the legs get big, he "buried" in snow. The driver stopped the car. With some difficulty removing the legs from the deep snow, we wandered on the trail of the cat. His body was left in a snow trench. Passed 150 meters – the trace stopped. I knew that the wild cat is free to jump to a height of 2-2,5 m, in addition, he is a great 'spiderman': his legs are equipped with sturdy curved claws that allow him to easily and quickly climb into the trees.

Good Vertical Blinds

C total conviction can be identified that, in general, since the appearance of shutters in the markets of our country, they are uniquely able to win the hearts of many Ukrainian citizens. Directly in this case completely independently specified because people live in individual apartments or in a private home. The immediate way, their success can be summarized as the original design, versatility and, of course, reliability and simplicity in addition operation. In addition, it should also be noted that the blinds are an integral part of interior design is absolutely any office because of their 'severity' perfectly fits into the surroundings. At the expiration of still quite long a time, blinds on the windows not only lost their own modernity, and thus even on the contrary, thanks to cutting-edge developments are in fact popular style element of design in principle of any necessary facilities. Thanks to the huge numerical species composition, with the installation of blinds as an option you can transform not only the window in the house, but absolutely the whole layout.

For example, if supply vertical blinds in a room somewhere, will change the illumination of the room, that in any case in reality is a necessary aim pursued while in general all daylight hours entirely outside Depending on the season. In turn, if you make a montage horizontal blinds, in general, their use in the summer simply to protect any sort of furniture from fading, while the winter of heat output from your own home. It should also tell you about roller blinds, because they are perfectly suited to raze that, if you really want so that the window during the day is absolutely nothing more than obstruct, as they are available simply pull up a specialized box. In addition, there is a real opportunity to find the shutters of various designs and appropriate course of color colorings, as well as purchase their different dimensions. Given this diversity of products offered here is the world's blind, there's nothing wrong with that deal with the best kind of necessary, in practice, is in reality dilemma for many residents of our state.

Moreover, this dilemma, but it is definitely a case to be resolved in principle what blinds Kiev to choose, and accordingly and where to buy them, uniquely available to solve. To do this, simply go to the appropriate Web site to the World Wide Web, in addition, in principle, any prime time. Specifically on this internet portal, such as, for example if needed blinds on the windows, will be invited to pre-read background information about what specifically the systems are blind, and naturally to know in general what colors are offered in this time to implement. In addition, no extra information will be released, based in specialized articles, which are definitely due simply to find out, for example, as a true care for the blinds on the plastic window. In if, in general, on those or other issues did not work to find appropriate answers to this Web site, it is obvious in any case, it is easy to contact a specialist and it is natural to ask his own question specifically. And, to specify a choice, there is a real possibility would be to go to order a suitable high-quality products. In addition, acquiring, such as blinds for plastic windows directly on this Internet services should not be worry about transportation, since it will hold a specialized service, and of course for the required assembly, which in itself is most preferred time perform highly skilled employees.