The End

So the first instinct is to return to the guard clothes where I arrived the first time. There I will be safe for a while, they can reflect on these events. Upon entering, you are more dark that makes a few hours. I’m looking for and way blindly between these huge and stink things that humans use in feet. And I find a very strange rock: it has a definite shape, and is completely hollow. But probably nobody me here. I recuesto me and close my eyes, but I can not sleep.

Invades me a sense of horror and awe: how is that despite being so huge and strong, people can be so fragile? I don’t understand this irony. Since. Was perhaps this the end of happiness for this small, Fabiola? Not I know if you really want to find happiness on sites like these. In the end. What happened today, it will be better to stay here. I think that it is best to try to sleep a little, and I prepare to return home tomorrow. The night passed more quickly than expected.

I wake up slowly. But my body is covered with something strange. It is a rare substance. My arms and legs are too sticky, and in the air there is a stench much other than which had perceived before. I leave the stone and tree of a single boost. I am very dirty, but will gradually evolve a strange dust of my body, and finish cleaning me with help of wind. And I start my journey back. There is something peculiar that I thought a moment, and is that it gives me a lot of curious know what happened with that girl. Yesterday left it in your room without leaving a single sigh mine, because my breath had already been kidnapped by the intrigue and terror.