The Nurnberger Lebensversicherung

Here it is also important, whether It’s to a disability insurance (BUZ) or to a separate disability insurance (solo BU). An additional insurance as the “BUZ” is always on other modules, as life insurance, annuities and insurance and can be combined with unit-linked products. Under certain conditions, such a combination may be quite reasonable. So let’s start with the possibility of termination for the supplementary insurance (BUZ). The Nurnberger Lebensversicherung (investment BU comfort) writes in your terms, for example: (1) you can your insurance at any time at the end of the current period of insurance in writing cancel. Click Nature Bounty to learn more. It also paid posts will be refunded through the termination date. “What”Your”insurance period” is, is dependent on the type of contribution payment.

You pay their contributions monthly, the insurance period is the month, so a notice to the end of the month. You pay every year but, so ends the period of insurance the insurance year or the calendar year. While you must still consider what to do with the “rest” of the product. Do you exclude so only the BUZ part (for the protection of BU), or stop the other part of the contract (life / pension insurance, share funds, risk insurance)? These various possibilities are given. The post can be reduced either by excluding the BUZ or also unchanged.

Then the amount which flows in the main contract is higher. You should discuss carefully which variant for you is right, there is a buy-back value or a free position as another option in question occurs with your advisor. And how do I cancel a single disability insurance (solo BU)? Also here an example from the conditions. This time from the Aachen Munich life assurance. It says: Aachen of Munich BU AVB so the same rules apply here as well as above in the BUZ. A termination is in the rules to the Possible end of the month. Pay annually, so you have to wait here until the end of the year or the end of the insurance year. What must I bear in mind else in a termination? Here, too, the clear, no termination without confirmed, new insurance provision. First if the new insurer is found, discussed conditions and the request is made and accepted, then the existing product should be stopped. There is no acceptance obligation and no compulsory insurance for the insurer. This means in practice, the company can refuse you for various reasons, require surcharges or formulate exclusions to the Treaty. Therefore always just wait how the decision looks, then submit an application and acceptance (exhibition of police) to immediately stop the preliminary agreement.