The Peaks

what I mean by that? Regardless of the risk that I will take of mistaken CIMA, the source of my anxiety lies in the fact of not getting, or worse still, having to opt for surrender. By abandoning the trip. And I’m fully aware that I am a human being filled with many weaknesses and although always try to have a balance between these and my strengths, sometimes I lose the battle. If it is that by finish me life, forces, so many times I make mistakes, it fails even if it is to be a few minutes at your side; I want you to know that you’re part of my reason for living. Therefore I ask you a favor: help me. How can you do it? Thats for you easy. You do not have more to show me the way: with the detachment of your loving traveling by wind cold and clean perfume, can help me distinguish what through the sense of sight do not distinguish by smell: the right path. The latter is show me which of all the peaks of the cordillera is your bracket, one that to me what may be because it is for you: the soil that gives you life, love and wisdom.

Anyway, luckily we do not know what is what awaits me. What matters is not to lose confidence in one’s self and know that life is unpredictable; already after what just passed me, since it happened I realized that the ink with which I write is a resource that is exhausted. Only when I ran out I realized this, so is life. What counts is what you are doing, when we are aware of the time runs out. And support on the road at the foot of our strength of character and spiritual wealth. And find resources for motivation and inspiration. I’ll give an example of the latter: dream that once I find on top and beside you, through metaphors and or cuentos transmit all the wisdom and love that I ejercite in the path in this wonderful journey of friendship. And speaking of inexhaustible resource, the morning has just finished, see you then. I hope so. Original author and source of the article