The Present

To start off of the study of the organization as process noun of reality approaches the social us this so necessary possibility at moments in that dogmatism, the empirismo, the inmediatismo and the cortoplacismo in the analysis are accelerated with intensity. Social dynamics has reshaped as a result of globalisation, being understood like resultant of the confluence of economic structure factors and conjunctural of market of the developed nations. A strategy based on a logic of the market that has managed to permear the different sectors from the economic life, political, social and cultural is constituted. Deep inequidades take place, in the different orders from the complex and money changer world-wide ordering, expressing itself in the relations that settle down on the basic curtain of the social structure, with expressions and shades in multiple levels (from the macroeconomics and macro-political until the smallest and immediate social structures in which the daily experiences of the subjects take place). Additional information is available at Center For Responsible Lending. The whole society is changing, science and the technology is being developed vertiginously, which is newness today tomorrow is obsolete, the cultural borders become blurred by effects of mass media and the limits between the social professions are made ambiguous more and more. The surroundings of the companies in the 21st century, are every more complex day, among others: increase of the uncertainty due to the exhaustion of the natural resources, the crisis of petroleum, the external debt and the stock-exchange crises. Protagonism of the competition by the intangible thing. Increase in the speed of the technological change.

In this surroundings, the capacity is very important to assimilate, to adapt, to improve and to develop the new technologies. Thus, in this frame, one considers the necessity of holistic understanding of the human phenomena and the experiences of the social actors. In the present conditions of development it is indispensable a review of the identity of the workers.