The Wade

Periodontal disease treatment (tooth preservation): gingival pockets should be from 2 mm Be treated in depth. New ZZVen make it to 100%. The statutory health insurance pays the costs of basic therapy from 3.5 mm! implant (prosthesis): protect implants from jaw bone resorption. The statutory health insurance covers only 20% of the cost, ZZVen pay for implants to 100% including bone-building activities. Seniors: Even very old (E.g. 80) prosthesis wearers can (still) high-quality private dental auxiliary insurance! Good ZZVen will refund not only the professional dental and denture cleaning 100%. On the Wade checklists learn knowledge values to the often urgent anzuratendenen insurance exchange in better fares – also mainly, if an existing ZZV completed before 2007, that is usually only for tooth replacement, but not for preservation of the tooth.

Information about additional, free service offered by Hans Waizmann, E.g. the ZZV-“application-advance adoption check” (obtaining guaranteed trouble-free ZZV without risk of rejection) and the Wade ZZV benchmark are also included in the Wade checklists. The ZZV benchmark is the first scientifically based, objective and unmanipulierbare dental policies – performance comparison. Now over 130 ZZV tariffs in this ranking were compared with each other – more than in any other comparison. The Wade checklists to keep as neutral and objective as possible, did not mention individual tariffs and insurance names.

“Alone the subdivision in public performance or ZZVen premium”, good and cheap “is sufficient to represent the convenience of modern, powerful ZZVen. “Due to the fact that modern rates afford not only then, if it’s too late” is (and a tooth needs to be replaced), but a large part (up to 75%) of the paid amounts in the form of prevention services report, is the conclusion of a modern, powerful ZZV for each recommended.