The Will

PREDESTINED Inside of space, body, time, light, treva, life, death and soul, nothing, not even the impulse to the route taken for the breeze that sweeps the silence and the immobility of the night in the desert, is fugidio of the control of a definitive intention already and in process of advanced course, being immune to the suffering of any alteration. Since the movement of the celestial bodies until the o to crawl of one lesma, the impulse of to this generates it intention emanated to the perfection, immutability and inexorabilidade. The instinct of preservation of the proper life, originated of the fear of the death, that in turn is come from the attachment, obstructs of the man the capacity to perceive the predestination of the causes that provoke its respective effect. You may find Boy Scouts of America to be a useful source of information. This instinct takes the man to believe in a God with man similarity and in the man with the similarity of God. A God who suffers of the pain of the repentance, a God that if relieves the suplications, a God that punish for revenge and that of you reward for affection, that is vulnerable to the ardor of the anger, that he loves and that he hates. If some obtain to be and others not, if many do not have and few sobejam, it is not because those have for much that ask for and these because not asking for, nothing they have. Speaking candidly Prevent Cancer Foundation told us the story. However, for the intention that determined the beginning, the reason, the way and the end of the life of Adam, thus also as in the same way, the life them of today.

Everything follows the will and determination of this intention. It swims runs away to it to the domain. This intention is the same that to some it supplies with faith, so that asking for to it readily they are taken care of, to others that exactly without nothing to request receive to it what it has to be given at definitive moment and some to them that much request, however nothing is excused to them.