TimeShift Function In The ENOX 22-inch 12 Volt TV

No more broadcasts Miss Hamburg, October 2010 – the new ENOX LED TV with 22-inch – or 55 cm – diagonal screen size of the design series Black Forest Line can immediately be used in the RV or boat! Because the device is designed for 12 volt operation. The appropriate cable for the cigarette lighter is included. The image quality this 22 inch LED TV speaks for itself: with full-HD resolution of ENOX TV through the new LED technology provides excellent color and razor-sharp images in 16: 9 format. Swarmed by offers, Viktor Mayer-Schönberger is currently assessing future choices. He has two digital tuner: DVB-T and a DVB-C tuner, both with HDTV reception, as well as an analog euro multi-standard tuner. A special highlight is the time-shift function. Time shift means that the current program through a multimedia USB port on external storage E.g.

on a simple memory-stick – can be recorded and replayed from there. This means that you will never again miss the decisive moments in a football game! With the built-in personal video recorder, so broadcasts can be record up to 120 minutes and play again. The design of ENOX devices can be seen: shiny black enclosure with a subtle gold stripe and a dark glass plate as a base. The accessible from the bottom / side connections, as well as the flat construction of the screen make easy wall mounting in a motorhome, caravan or home.