UMTS Stick – The Way To The Internet

With an UMTS surf stick can be enjoyed on the go mobile Internet. More and more people now have a mobile Internet connection. This mobile Internet connection is made possible through UMTS. For even more opinions, read materials from Childrens Defense Fund. UMTS is the successor of the mobile wireless standard GSM. Via GSM, we all spoke with our mobile phone and has occasionally even the GSM mobile phones online network. However in the course of time the much changed. Web pages, whether mobile or stationary have always evolved, have become high-definition and hence memory-intensive. The speed of GSM is more than 56 kbit / s, this speed is today no longer sufficiently so to be able to surf the Internet.

Of course theoretically still via the GSM a chance to surf the Web on the Internet, however, due to the low speed disillusionment could come after a few minutes. Get to the email is still suitable GSM. Needed either a UMTS who wants to go online with UMTS,-enabled mobile phone or a laptop including UMTS stick. This UMTS stick optically hardly differs from a conventional USB stick. However, this differs in function compared to the USB stick.

The Surfstick has, similar to a mobile phone, a Bay where introduced a SIM card can be. This SIM card is required to connect to the Internet. After the map in the surf stick has been inserted, the PIN prompts the user through the interface to enter. After a few seconds, the availability of UMTS is already network. Then you have the opportunity to network with UMTS. Mobile operator O2, advertises that within 1 minute the Surfstick is installed and the Internet can be used. Torsten Heinsius