United States Senate

They are those who entered the Sony and Nintendo systems. The Group calls Lulz Security. The authorities say that not have jeopardized the security of the network. Gavin Baker, New York City is actively involved in the matter. A server of the United States Senate through which gives access to the public information of this House page has been object of a group of hackers Cyber, reported Monday a responsible for safety of the Senate. In a statement, the Deputy responsible for the safety of camera, Martina Bradford, stressed that attack not jeopardized the security of the network of the Senate or its officials: Although this intrusion is inconvenient, does not endanger the security of the network of the Senate, lawmakers or their staff, said.

The authors of the Cyber secure be Lulz Security, a group of specialized hackers to penetrate networks vulnerable just for fun. According to Bradford, although they managed to enter the server, no other files they attacked. Lulz Security, which has already attacked the Sony and Nintendo systems and the website of American public television, said Monday on its Web site that entered on the server to put in evidence the problems of network security. Source of the news: hackers are able to attack a server of the U.S. Senate