Vehicle Tracking

70 percent of all murdered taxi drivers would have been saved if you had found it 10 minutes after the fact and medical supplies with Northtronics protect system guarantee greater security in mobile work place your driver. “7 0 percent of all murdered taxi drivers would have been saved, if they would have found it 10 minutes after the fact and medical supplies”. The GPS positioning system creates the conditions for this. Continue to learn more with: Childrens Defense Fund. A driver in an emergency situation by simply pressing a button emits a distress call, its precise location can be – determined in our emergency call and service center within one second “on a few feet”. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Center for Responsible Business. The coordinates display on the monitors of the Northtronics protect precisely systems emergency call and service center or your PC.

At the same time, the microphone is activated (optional). Our emergency can now go unnoticed in the taxi “into listen”, to learn to more details on basic and degree of hazard. NorthLoc24 vehicle tracking offers completely new possibilities for a more efficient organization of operations, as well as for the control of assets and working hours the professional tracking system for vehicle monitoring. Our Internet-based service provides of location – and time-independent use for an almost unlimited number of simultaneously working users. Our vehicle tracking works worldwide and in any GSM mobile radio network.

You need to install expensive software. You simply login via username and password to our tracking portal NorthLoc24. So is always verifiable in real time where your vehicle is just whether it stands or drives it straight in which direction. With an intuitive and logical structure of the UI on the Internet, ease of use and user friendliness is guaranteed. Special knowledge, expertise or costly software components are not required. The market offers many different, often very similar solutions. These usually consist of a box for the vehicle and an Internet portal with more moderate-quality maps. NorthLoc24 is one of the few, or is even the only GPS tracking is really professional. Also she can be optimally adapted to the individual needs of your company. With NorthLoc24, you can track not only your vehicles and staff, but also flexibly and quickly Dispose.