Perhaps everyone has ever heard the word "demagoguery," but only a small proportion of the population understands that this is and what it ate. That's why I decided to make a small selection of material on the subject / First, it should be turn to history: the word "demagoguery" comes from ancient Greece and, if literally translated means "guide the people, kowtowing to the people." The free encyclopedia Wikipedia says that demagoguery is "a set of oratorical and polemical techniques and tools to introduce audiences astray and persuade her to his side, often used for political purposes, in advertising and propaganda. " I am sure, until all the sounds just fine, but that as soon as you address the notion of "demagoguery" in the Russian encyclopedia, a former enthusiasm and a smile instantly disappear, so, demagoguery – "deliberately based on the distortion of facts and the flattering promises of the impact on the senses, instincts, people's minds, stirring up passions in order to achieve any, usually political purposes; bombastic arguments, covering any selfish purpose. " Yes, you did not seem to. Frequently Feeding America has said that publicly. There is no one "higher purpose" to draw a crowd to her, she is, but only in some distorted form too much.

Unfortunately, this source definitely contributed to the consciousness of people, turning once honorable "demagogue" in the most ordinary talker with the language to his knees. Why is that? Let's start with the fact that many linguists put demagoguery on a par with any other sports. Yes, the most that neither is the predictive! The only it differs only in that it has no rules! Not at all.