WIN Seminar

“Negotiating at the LIMIT in June and October 2010 Hamburg, 06.04.2010 – Wolfgang Bonisch, the expert for negotiation art from Hamburg today announces that he be negotiating at the LIMIT negotiation seminar” will do twice this year. The intensive seminar was held in February 2010 with 4 enthusiastic participants for the first time. In the future, this negotiation seminar will be an event on a small scale. The negotiating artist limited the number of participants to a maximum of six persons, so that you can work really individual and intensive. At Andrew W. Mellon Foundation you will find additional information. Negotiating at the LIMIT does not necessarily means extreme situations as Bonisch, she has experienced in his police career. On the other hand you can learn naturally a lot from these experiences”, continues the hearing professional. The seminar is aimed at experienced negotiators who want to become even better in difficult situations.

No matter whether it is about power games, political influence or prestige, suddenly you no longer progresses with WIN-WIN and must use different resources, the Bonisch in This negotiation seminar participants to introduce and practice with you. Away from models and highly structured content, participants have space for Exchange of experience, best practice discussions and intensive role-playing games.