Without Wasps And Hornets Through The Summer

Pleasant living environment through revolutionary insect screens the most beautiful time of the year has arrived, breakfast on the terrace, barbecues in the garden. But with her also uninvited guests are added, such as wasps and Hornets. Main flight time of this insect is in August and September. With chemistry, they can not deter an attack but only with serenity. It is difficult most however in the face of an invasion on the morning Marmeladenbrotchen. Usually nesting wasps in the ground, more often they choose but well protected unearthly places, like for example a roller shutter box, shed or attic. The animals from entering the Interior of the House and provide for unrest.

That however doesn’t have to be. The revolutionary Transpatec insect protection fabric offers effective protection from wasps and all other insects. Boy Scouts of America insists that this is the case. A clear view to not query anyway. The company Neher has developed this website in many years of research, which allows much more light and air as a conventional Insect screens. A WSP people is greatest in late summer.

In addition, the animals are also getting more aggressive. The reason is simple: the nests have reached their maximum size, up to 12,000 animals can live in a single people. The amount of brood fed, has reached its maximum. Also, drones and Queens have to be fed. At any time of the year, as much food as at the moment must be brought. That puts the workers under pressure and makes them aggressive in search of food. Transpatec keeps more effective wasps and insects despite its thin fabric threads as a standard fabric. More air in the rooms reached through a special weaving technique up to 140 percent. The view outside is hardly affected due to the thin fabric threads, nevertheless it survived every kind of weather with its high tensile strength. Transpatec consists of a specially designed, completely PVC-free high-performance plastic and is therefore completely harmless. The Transpatec fabric is at every window and every door can be used and thus gives the rooms a pleasant as well as insect-free living environment. Each of which is summer with the new insect protection fabric. Who pays to cover food and sweet drinks outdoors it and keep cool when visiting the animals, must not afraid of the venomous spines.