World Trade Organization

It is increasingly alarming as they appear every day in newspapers, media visual communications, television anywhere in this world Earth, news about environmental disasters, many desvastadotas, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, where there are a large number of victims, all do so, by the problem of the environment, greenhouse effect, the deterioration that has been done to this planet for years. This reality though it has been in recent years concern by Governments, especially towards countries of advanced achievements in favour of the protection of the environment still fails its real objective, as the responsibility to countries to prevent further deteriorate, to really respect the way as markets and their interests seriously affect the environmental mediumbeing more interested in economic profits, profits, than in the preservation of the environment. It is not surprising given the reality of global environmental policy, which indicates the third network World, that in environmental matters, world politics is fragmented and ineffective. The World Trade Organization and the World Bank do not face environmental agencies worldwide with a comparable influence. Therefore, the institutional landscape should reorganize until major disasters whipped to the Earth and humanity.

Human beings are about to break the balance of terrestrial ecological systems. For this reason, Paul Crutzen, who discovered and explained the presence of the hole in the ozone layer and won the Nobel Chemistry Prize, already not calls our geological era Holocene but Anthropocene, i.e. was it formed by human beings. It should be noted that Crutzen deals with geology, not of human history. Due to the technical civilisation, our species has become a determinant of terrestrial systems in the past 200 years.

For example, using fossil fuels, humanity is influencing the terrestrial carbon cycle. Over 300,000 years, the content of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere was never as high as today. No one knows for sure how the climate system will react.