At this moment you can be cooling a great love the way of the happiness and perhaps she does not have the had notion to give account of this. For many psychoanalysts ' ' luto' ' for a loss it delays months, years and until a life all. But with this vision, it would have to last only some hours, therefore we would perceive that we are losing time in coming back fixed to a pleasure, whose experience, already passed. The capacity that we have to decide it I fight of the love is proportional its force, vigor and spirit of the life. In this direction it would have meant the expressions common as ' ' mais&#039 is loved; ' , ' ' ball pra frente' ' , ' ' it thinks about voc' ' or ' ' what it passed, passou' '. These are cliches used in the mouth and mind of many adolescents, as much of age as of spirit. They are done phrases that in a general way if present meaningless, only survive with use of ematomas of the frustrated people without illusions or of heart. In this aspect it seems to be a signal of weak personality to use who them.

However, when one is about a not corresponded loving feeling, these cliches if transform into miraculous sentences so that its happiness is in the way of the life and not in the text of the putrefao of what already it passed. If the thing melou, steps on fort of the mud or esterco, so that to try to clean? I smell it would not be more than perfume as in the first meeting, with certainty. To recoup the past is to ignore the fact of that people with new expectations exist, vigor, goals, focus disposal, acts imaginations, joys with great perspectives at last, to turn itself fights it is to die in a point in the world knowing that the entire world exists to enjoy; it is to still look at for the death having a gift that God gave in them: the life! Soon, I fight for it, has a cliche that it can be a great phrase of meaning in this humble boarding: ' ' To live vida' ' , in fact! Thus, we reflect what he is ' ' to be humano' ': Somebody that it has a history, but still lives a gift to produce new histories, focando in it always loves who it of truth and having the due and necessary correspondence. that is, the human being is an alive being and that it must live getting loose itself of its past, giving an end point to form many new commas

Coffer Atonement

He was used to be burnt incense per the morning and to the afternoon for the priests. Table of Breads of the Proposal – it was soon to the right of the entrance. It had this name, therefore all Saturday were placed 12 breads, symbolizing the 12 tribes of Israel on of it. Gold candelabrum – To the left of the entrance, with seven connecting rods. He was daily fulled for the priests so that never to erase itself, Only while he was being carried. Saint of the SantosO Veil – curtain that separated to the Lugar Saint of the Saint Dos Santos. Coffer of the Alliance – Symbolized the Presence of God and loaded the Boards of the Law – the 10 Orders – and the manna pot (food ordered for GOD in the desert). More saint of the Tabernculo.Propiciatrio was the part – nothing more than what the cover of the Coffer.

It was the place where Sumo Priest, a time to the year, in the day of the Atonement, sprinkled the blood for the redemption its sins and for the sins of povo.AS SACERDOTAISSamara VESTMENTS de Souza Freitas instructed You Moiss on the way where if it would make the intermediao between It and the people of Israel, giving to it instructions detailed on the priests who would have serviz it in tabernculo, its vestments, and its consecration. The first priests chosen for you had been brother of Moiss, Aro, and its children Nadabe, Abi, Eleazar and Itamar. They had greaters responsibilities of what the excessively levitas ones: Supreme priest: He was responsible for all the priests and levitas.

For Kings

At last we will go through the issue of differences between the male and female brain, analyzing to their abilities, well them to their needs and priorities. Key-words: communication, newly-married, to hear, love, brain male, brain female. Introduction the communication exists in all the relations, is a process in which the human beings share information, that is, its way of life and its feelings. The communication between just-married spouses must more be than a simple exchange of information, it must imply in giving, receiving and to understand what he is being said, spoken or expressed, everything this with much love, respect and empatia. So that if it has a good communication must have participation of both the sides. Inside of the relationship the communication is an indispensable tool for the construction of well-being, therefore that in elapsing of this work, we go to analyze what is really communication.

For Wright (1995, p.56) ' ' communication is a process (verbal or not) to share information with another person of a form such that it understands what you are dizendo.' ' For Kings (2001, p.31) ' ' the efficient communication is basic for one lasting marriage. It speaks with freedom of its feelings, without showing to censorship or crtica.' ' Standing out that this critical censorship or can make with that the couple comes if to retract and it does not want to speak on its feelings. Another point of extreme relevance is that we do not have to say the words when we are with anger, therefore they wounds our spouse, and words said at an anger moment are not extinguished easily. Then when we will be with anger we must cool our head and later looking our spouse to talk, thus the words will be said with calm and clarity. Therefore, that Pelt (2003, P. 57) clarifies in them: ' ' words said with anger could not be extinguished, and it does not have nothing that can undo its effect.