Subsistence Economy

But the strength of society is needed to improve and expand public services. Basic income in their joint share of benefits, which continue to occur and increasingly concentrated in fewer hands. To be the result of a social good, as is the scientific knowledge, a portion of these gains have been reversed in those who stay away from the economic process by the application of such progress. But, as we have said, to be a right of citizenship, extend universally to all persons. We say a party, because it is not correct to raise is it aborts as anti-capitalist by definition, when such wealth is it precisely that in theory would be combat. We would be killing the goose that lays the golden eggs.

It is a modification, which is transforming the current civilization and enables an evolution of society. The changes will be made depending on cultural, historical and personal factors, but from reality and the dialectic in every day. So we will have taken a significant step in the history of mankind. The function of labour is increasingly more sophisticated in certain collective. Far from pursuing subsistence focuses to accumulate assets. It works to have two cars, two houses and rent an apartment in summer, and maintain a standard of living full of lavish expenses. We are at the other end of the subsistence economy. However we continue focusing the economy at work, which is the foundation of survival. Once technological progress guarantees the overall survival of society employment should apply as a concrete measure instead of a generic standard way that progress is taken into account in the analysis of the political economy and applied it with new guidelines that are routed towards a new social concept. Happens so spontaneous, but is not seen by lack of a set of ideas that materialize it and strengthen it.


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